Prime Sports NASCAR weekly fantasy team update heading to Richmond

Greg picks up his 8th win of the season via Kevin Harvick’s triumph at Michigan last Sunday. He also had 2nd place finisher Bubba Wallace to get a 1-2 and extend his points lead heading to Richmond next week.

Eric had 3rd and 4th via Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano. Greg had 3 cars in the top 5 with Ryan Blaney too.

Richmond is up next.

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The Toyota’s are the heavy favorites with them sweeping the action at Richmond in 2018 and 2019 to go along with 9 trips to victory lane in the last 13 starts on the .75-mile D-Shaped Virginia oval including this past spring. JGR went 1-2-3-4 across the finish line in Sept. 2019 as their top feat. but had the fastest race cars here in April too.

Hendrick Motorsports (stats above) and Team Penske (stats above) haven’t been at their best on short tracks this season nor at Richmond as a whole lately either. That’s why this could be a Toyota/Joe Gibbs Racing show on Sunday.

The thing is, this may be Martin Truex Jr’s last shot at a victory during the regular season so they really need him to triumph. Kevin Harvick (stats above) also needs a win and this is a great track for him to do so and he’s getting really good odds.

Federated Auto Parts 400 key stat

  • Starting position doesn’t matter here as much as other places. Drivers say in qualifying, you attack this track for 2 laps but in the race, you have to baby the tires and take it easy. Push too hard in race mode, you fall backwards due to tire wear. It’s why 2 of the last 3 winners started outside of the top 10 including Denny Hamlin from 13th this past spring and Alex Bowman from 24th the spring prior. That’s why the season may show 12 winners coming from a top 8 starting spot in the last 13 races but Richmond may be an outlier here this weekend.

Live In Race Betting Trends To Watch

  • Strategy is key here and Denny Hamlin scored no stage points in his win this past spring. 3 times since 2018 has someone swept both stages here but didn’t win including just last year.
  • 3 of the last 5 races on the season the eventual winner finished in the top 6 of the opening stage. 5 of the 10 opening stages saw the eventual race winner come home in the top three at that.
  • 16 of the last 20 races on the season the eventual race winner scored stage points in the 2nd stage including 6 of the last 8. However, the Stage 2 winner has just 2 wins all season.
  • 6 of the last 9 race winners on the season didn’t lead a single lap in the first 2 stages.
  • 2 of the last 9 races have seen the driver lead the most laps fail to win in the end.

At Richmond, 9 of the last 11 drivers to lead the most laps failed to win. 2 of the last 3 winners here at that led 10 or fewer laps in their victory.

1 TEAM GDP – 4,535 points (8 wins)

R Blaney… 715 (1 win)

A Bowman… 615 (1 win)

C Bell… 610 (1 win)

K Harvick…585 (1 win)

T Reddick…545 (2 wins)

C Briscoe… 445 (1 win)

B Wallace 260

Waived/Traded Drivers… (760; 1 win)

2 TEAM CJ – 4,275 points (8 wins)

C Elliott… 955 (4 wins)

Kyle B… 760 (1 win)

A Cindric… 720 (1 win)

M Truex Jr… 560

W Byron… 490 (2 wins)

A Dillon… 450

E Jones… 285

Waived Drivers… (55)

3 TEAM ERIC – 4,190 points (8 wins)

D Hamlin… 705 (2 wins)

R Chastain… 685 (2 wins)

J Logano… 655 (2 wins)

D Suarez… 540 (1 win)

K Larson…540

A Almirola… 465

T Gibbs…30

Waived/Traded Drivers… (570)



8/5 (After Race 23/Indianapolis RC) Team ERIC waives Kurt B (295 points, 1 win) for Ty Gibbs. 


8/1 (After Race 23/Indianapolis RC)

Team GDP waives B Keselowski (240 points) for B Wallace (200 points). 


7/18 (After Race 20/New Hampshire)

Team GDP waives M McDowell (55 points) for B Keselowski (210 points). 


5/27 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team GDP waives R Stenhouse Jr. (105 points) for M McDowell. 


5/16 (After Race 13/Kansas)

Team GDP waives J Haley (0 points) for R Stenhouse Jr. 


5/9 (After Race 12/Darlington)

Team GDP waives B Keselowski (210 points) for J Haley. 


4/25 (After Race 10/Talladega)

Team CJ waives H Burton (55 points) for E Jones.


3/15 (After Race 4/Phoenix)

Team GDP waives D Wallace (200 points) for C Bell


3/14 (After Race 4/Phoenix) 

Team ERIC waives C Bell (35 points) for R Chastain. 


3/2 (After Race 2/Fontana) 

Team GDP waives C Buescher (30 points) for C Briscoe. 

3/29 (After Race 6/Texas Road)Team GDP Acquired K Harvick (120 points) and T Reddick (120 points) from Team ERIC for K Larson (170 points, 1 win) and Kurt B (160 points).


Weekly Race Points Standings

Week 24 Michigan

1 GDP 250

2 ERIC 150

3 CJ 120

Driver Standings (Top 10)


1 C Elliott… 955 (CJ)

2 Kyle B… 760 (CJ)

3 A Cindric… 720 (CJ)

4 R Blaney… 715 (GDP)

5 K Larson… 710 (ERIC)

6 D Hamlin… 705 (ERIC)

6 K Harvick… 705 (GDP)

8 R Chastain… 685 (ERIC)

9 T Reddick… 665 (GDP)

10 J Logano… 655 (ERIC)

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