Prime Sports NASCAR – weekly fantasy team update

Greg got the win from Indy Sunday via Tyler Reddick. CJ had Austin Cindric in 2nd. Eric’s top finisher was Joey Logano in 6th. The 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th place finishers aren’t on our fantasy teams. That tells you how wild Sunday’s Verizon 200 was.

Greg inched further ahead in the points with winning the week over CJ by 20.

Now we head to Michigan for redemption.

The Ford’s have won each of the last 7 Cup races at Michigan but you’re getting great odds for them this week. Why?
Well they’re struggling on the year now. A Ford driver hasn’t won since the first week of June as that and a win on Mothers Day’s are their only victories in the last 18 races.

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Joey Logano isn’t a wise play this week. Neither are the RFK Racing drivers with the organization not having won a race since 2017 and that was on a superspeedway at that. Stewart-Haas Racing has 2 wins in the last 65 starts overall. Austin Cindric and Ryan Blaney have cooled after hot stretches.
Does that open the door for Chevy or Toyota?

Hendrick Motorsports hasn’t won a race at Michigan since 2014. Toyota hasn’t won at Michigan since 2015 as that’s their lone MIS win in their last 19 tries.

However, I think this may be the year Ford’s reign ends.

Blaney is a great sleeper play. So is Kevin Harvick. They each need wins and have been really good here over the years. That may be in for the blue oval camp.

HMS has shown speed this year and Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott look primed for victory here. They may be the only Chevy drivers though. This race may be stolen from the outside manufacturer in Toyota.
This is Ford and Chevy’s backyard but Toyota has the better drivers at Michigan now. Can they capitalize?
FireKeepers Casino 400 key stat
· 5 of the last 6 Michigan winners have come from the top three starting spots. Furthermore, 11 of the last 12 have come from the top 12.
· Each of the last 12 winners on the season have come from a top 8 starting spot including 10 of which from the top 5 (6 straight).
Live In Race Betting Trends To Watch
• Since the stage era began in 2017, 8 of the 9 Michigan races were won by a driver getting stage points in the first stage. 5 of the 9 opening stages saw the eventual race winner come home in the top three at that. 3 of the last 4 races the eventual winner finished in the top 6 of the opening stage.
• 16 of the last 19 races on the season the eventual race winner scored stage points in the 2nd stage including 6 of the last 7. However, the Stage 2 winner has just 2 wins all season.
• 6 of the last 8 race winners on the season didn’t lead a single lap in the first 2 stages.
2 of the last 8 races have seen the driver lead the most laps fail to win in the end.


1 TEAM GDP – 4,285 points (7 wins)

R Blaney… 675 (1 win)

C Bell… 605 (1 win)

A Bowman… 585 (1 win)

T Reddick…540 (2 wins)

K Harvick…485

C Briscoe… 435 (1 win)

B Wallace 200

Waived/Traded Drivers… (760; 1 win)

2 TEAM CJ – 4,155 points (8 wins)

C Elliott… 935 (4 wins)

Kyle B… 760(1 win)

A Cindric… 720 (1 win)

M Truex Jr… 530

W Byron… 470(2 wins)

A Dillon… 430

E Jones… 255

Waived Drivers… (55)

3 TEAM ERIC – 4,040 points (8 wins)

R Chastain… 680 (2 wins)

D Hamlin… 665 (2 wins)

J Logano… 615 (2 wins)

D Suarez… 535 (1 win)

K Larson…510

A Almirola… 465

Kurt B…295 (1 win)

Waived/Traded Drivers… (275)


8/1 (After Race 23/Indianapolis RC)

Team GDP waives B Keselowski (240 points) for B Wallace (200 points).

7/18 (After Race 20/New Hampshire)

Team GDP waives M McDowell (55 points) for B Keselowski (210 points).

5/27 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team GDP waives R Stenhouse Jr. (105 points) for M McDowell.

5/16 (After Race 13/Kansas)

Team GDP waives J Haley (0 points) for R Stenhouse Jr.

5/9 (After Race 12/Darlington)

Team GDP waives B Keselowski (210 points) for J Haley.

4/25 (After Race 10/Talladega)

Team CJ waives H Burton (55 points) for E Jones.

3/15 (After Race 4/Phoenix)

Team GDP waives D Wallace (200 points) for C Bell.

3/14(After Race 4/Phoenix)

Team ERIC waives C Bell (35 points) for R Chastain.

3/2(After Race 2/Fontana)

Team GDP waives C Buescher (30 points) for C Briscoe.

3/29 (After Race 6/Texas Road) Team GDP Acquired K Harvick (120 points) and T Reddick (120 points) from Team ERIC forK Larson (170 points, 1 win) and Kurt B (160 points).

Weekly Race Points Standings

Week 23 Indianapolis (Road)

1 GDP 140

2 CJ 120

3 ERIC 60

Driver Standings (Top 10)

1 C Elliott… 935 (CJ)

2 Kyle B… 760 (CJ)

3 A Cindric… 720 (CJ)

4 K Larson… 680 (ERIC)

4 R Chastain… 680 (ERIC)

6 R Blaney… 675 (GDP)

7 D Hamlin… 665 (ERIC)

8 T Reddick… 660 (GDP)

9 C Bell… 640 (GDP)10J Logano… 615 (ERIC

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