Prime Sports NASCAR updated fantasy standings leaving Indy and looking ahead to Michigan

Coming to the final restart of Sunday’s Verizon 200 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 2 of the top 3 drivers weren’t on any of our rosters. No one had Chase Briscoe nor AJ Allmendinger. Eric had leader Denny Hamlin and close to his sixth win of the season. Then all chaos ensued which took both Briscoe and Hamlin out of contention and Allmendinger leading the final two laps en route to his second career NASCAR Cup Series victory.

It was a rough day for our drivers with Eric having 4-13-19-21-23-33-34 and among two of his top three were two of his bottom three in points accumulated this season.

CJ took 3-6-11-14-15-36 and Greg 2-5-12-17-20-24-29.

Now it’s to Michigan to where we should get back to normal. Hendrick Motorsports has been among the best on 550 tracks and Eric has Chase Elliott and William Byron. Elliott, has nine top 10 finishes in 10 Michigan tries including three of which being runner-ups. Byron, should have improvement in the Irish Hills himself. He also has Denny Hamlin who has a runner-up in 2 of his last 3 Michigan tries and 4 top eight’s in his last 5 there overall. Joey Logano has three Michigan wins over his career with 5 top 10’s in his last six tries up there including 14 of his last 16 overall.

That’s a good grouping.

So is what CJ is bringing with Kyle Larson being the odds on favorite with three Michigan wins with Ganassi. Kevin Harvick has won the last three Michigan races at that. Martin Truex Jr. has four straight top five finishes there and six top six results in his last eight Michigan tries in general too. This too is a great group.

Greg has Kyle Busch with eight straight top 10’s in Michigan, Brad Keselowski (4 top 6’s in his last 6 tries) and Ryan Blaney having four top 10’s in his last six starts there too as his top drivers.

1 TEAM CJR – 4,155 points (11 wins)

K Larson… 1375 (6 wins)

M Truex Jr… 675 (3 wins)

K Harvick… 605

C Bell… 475 (1 win)

Kurt B… 415 (1 win)

A Dillon… 410

R Stenhouse Jr 50

Waived Drivers… (150)


2 TEAM ES – 3,920 points (5 wins)

C Elliott… 965 (2 wins)

D Hamlin… 685

W Byron… 650 (1 win)

J Logano… 645 (1 win)

A Almirola… 325 (1 win)

T Reddick… 300

D Wallace Jr… 245

Waived Drivers… (105)


3 TEAM GDP – 3,515 points (7 wins) 

Kyle B 805 (2 wins)

A Bowman… 700 (3 wins)

R Blaney… 585 (1 win)

B Keselowski… 575 (1 win)

C Buescher… 285

M DiBenedetto.… 245

R Chastain.… 65

Waived Drivers… (255)



7/12 (After Race 20/Atlanta)

Team GDP claims M DiBenedetto (190 points) for D Suarez (105 points). 


6/22 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team GDP claims R Chastain for M DiBenedetto (190 points).


6/22 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team CJR claims R Stenhouse Jr. for C Briscoe (150 points).


5/3 (After Race 11/Kansas)

Team GDP claims D Suarez for R Stenhouse Jr. (80 points).


4/13 (After Race 8/Martinsville)

Team ES claims T Reddick for R Chastain (105 points). 


3/22 (After Race 6/Atlanta)

Team GDP claims M DiBenedetto for E Jones (50 points). 


3/15 (After Race 5/Phoenix) 

Team GDP claims R Stenhouse Jr. for M McDowell (15 points). 


3/1 (After Race 3/Homestead-Miami) 

Team GDP claims M McDowellfor M DiBenedetto (5 points). 


Weekly Race Points Standings


Week 24 Indianapolis Road

1 Greg 125

2 CJ 85 

3 Eric 65


Overall Driver Standings (Top 10)


1 K Larson… 1375 (CJ)

2 C Elliott… 965 (Eric)

3 Kyle B… 805 (Greg)

4 A Bowman… 700 (Greg)

5 D Hamlin… 685 (Eric)

6 M Truex Jr… 675 (CJ) 

7 W Byron… 650 (Eric)

8 J Logano… 645 (Eric)

9 K Harvick… 605 (CJ)

10 R Blaney… 585 (Greg)

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