Time For NASCAR To Really Show That They Have Wallace’s Back

NASCAR, you’re up. The President of the United States rolled the ball into your court again. I know you’ve been trying to shed any political limelight’s lately, but for some, that’s unfortunately just not good enough.

Now, it’s time to cannonball into the dirty water of the political world. I know you’ve shown lately that you do have Bubba Wallace’s back and have actually done a great job to fight racial injustice, but Donald Trump isn’t satisfied.

In the midst of a global pandemic, an election year at that, and so many other issues at hand, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Monday and you had his attention.

Kudos on that.

But, he spewed out an asinine tweet, gosh how childish does that sound, with full of lies.

Instead of parading Wallace out there to defend himself. Maybe you let him focus on racing. He’s coming off of a top 10 Sunday in Indy and his recent finishes is showing he’s deserving of a good ride next year. He’s a free agent, or an election year for him if you will, and he needs to be allowed to focus on himself and his career. Please don’t make him fight a battle he never asked for.

Trump, thinks this Talladega incident, which is what it was, well he thinks it’s a hoax. Even though the FBI found it to be real, he thinks it’s still a hoax somehow.

“Although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week,” an FBI report stated.”

That’s the FBI. “Noose” they said. Not a hoax. NASCAR surveyed 1,684 garage stalls and found one noose.


The Talladega garages were first opened last October. Someone tied a “noose” not anything else. A “noose” after. That’s a fact. You can’t dispute that.

A noose is a noose and it shouldn’t be disputed whether it was intended for Wallace or not. It doesn’t matter what month of the year a noose was tied, fact of it is, a noose was tied. Period.

Wallace doesn’t have a damn thing to apologize for so he should just ignore this. Let NASCAR handle Trump.

So, why are you all still blaming Wallace? He had nothing to do with this. He didn’t tie it. He didn’t even know about it until NASCAR told him.

Steve Phelps, the President of NASCAR, also that they don’t place any blame in RPM’s direction in wake of this.

“I want to be clear about the 43 team – the 43 team had nothing to do with this,” said Phelps. “The evidence is very clear that the noose that was in that garage had been in the garage previously. The last race we’d had there in October, that noose was present; and the fact that it was not found until a member of the 43 team came there is something that is a fact.”

So, please keep Wallace’s name out of your damn mouths. It’s getting old. If you have any ill will towards Wallace, you’re an ill informed fascist. That’s a fact. You need some serious help if you point any blame in Wallace’s direction. There’s no conspiracy here. There’s no other way to put this.

That rope was tied to a noose. Wallace didn’t tie it. It was there before anyone knew that Stall 4 would be his garage.

If you can’t take that as a fact, then I feel sorry for you.

Then, let’s address the next false narrative. The Confederate Flag ban and the noose incident didn’t hurt NASCAR. For those that say it did, here’s a fact. Buckle up, it’s going to hurt your petty narrative. Ratings are up, not down. They’re up 8-percent according to the network airing their races. Up. For those that may be mad and offended with a fact, here’s another round of this. Ratings are up you racist imbecile.

The only thing “hurting” in this whole thing are the egos of racists ill informed people who don’t watch NASCAR and just spew hate.

Now, it’s time for NASCAR to shove facts down every damn mouth open. These people live in a delusional world and need to be put in their place. State these facts but do so ahead of Wallace. Don’t have his back, have his front. Get ahead of this.

After all, you said you would anyways. Time to see if NASCAR will put their money where their mouth is and stand up to the President of this country.

“I do think anyone who suggested that this was a hoax or manufactured or the events around this, I just find personally offensive,” Phelps continued. “I don’t know how people frankly think that way and I’m not going to try to.”

Trump, said this is a hoax. Get him Phelps.

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