Johnson Says IndyCar A “Bucket List” Item For Post Retirment

Jimmie Johnson announced on Wednesday that the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season would be his last full-time campaign of his career. The seven-time champion isn’t interested in making full time commitments anymore. After 19 seasons, he’s allowed that.

But, in his media availability from the Charlotte area on Thursday, Johnson reiterated that he’s not done racing all together though. He’s going to race some cars that he’s always wanted to race. Among them, is potentially an Indy Car.

Racing an Indy Car on high speed ovals are the only thing off limits past 2020.

Johnson, did say on Thursday that an Indy 500 seat isn’t an option though as once he and his wife had children, those goals were done. Even with an Aeroscreen which vastly improves the safety of the open wheel cars, Johnson says that those dreams are past.

But, he didn’t rule out racing on a short oval like Iowa or Richmond or even a road course in IndyCar.

Johnson, says that racing an Indy Car is a “bucket list” item and is very interested in doing so in 2021 or beyond. Remember, he tested an F1 car for McLaren in a ride swap opportunity last winter overseas with Fernando Alonso.

McLaren has an Indy Car team and could be an option. So could Team Penske for obvious reasons. Both are Chevrolet teams.

Johnson, has also stated in the past that the Chili Bowl could be a post retirement option as well.


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