String Ray Robb brings faith to 107th Running of the Indianapolis 500, “I would say that my faith is you know, where I find my identity the most,” he tells me

INDIANAPOLIS — Sting Ray Robb is garnering some attention this Month as some ponder if that’s truly his name. It really is. His parents named him after the Corvette. His name also comes from a shortened version of the place that his ancestors lived – Sterlingshire, Scotland and his grandfathers’ first names.

So, yes, Sting Ray Robb truly is his birth name. It’s also a name that’s become one of just 795 humans in this entire Earth’s existence to ever race in the Indianapolis 500.

Robb was a Bump Day qualifier last Sunday. In a tense, emotionally charged weekend, Robb will race for the milk in Sunday’s 107th Running of the Indianapolis 500 (11 a.m. ET, NBC, INDYCAR Radio Network). He’ll do so in front of at least 100 or so family members who’ll embark of Indiana’s Capital City to watch their grandson, nephew, cousin, etc, race in front of an approx. crowd of 330k.

For a 21-year-old rookie driver from Idaho, how does he find time to break away this weekend to focus on the task at hand on Sunday?

He said that it was something he absolutely needs to do and made sure he had a very regimented schedule to ensure that he does.

After going 230 mph around the race track on Friday, he’ll have an autograph session Saturday morning followed by a parade Saturday afternoon. It’s then that he’ll start to wind down.

There’s a family reunion per say with a picnic in an undisclosed park on Saturday night. It’s a quiet place to where he can get away and visit with family that he’s not seen in months.

Robb said that he moved to Indianapolis before the season so he’s not seen many of these family members in at least five months.

Sting Ray Robb’s mom, grandma and girlfriend look on while Robb qualifies for the 107th Running of the Indianapolis 500. Photo Credit: INDYCAR Media Site

They all witnessed Robb qualify his way in last weekend in what was one of the more tense moments that he’s ever had. Even in the heat of battle, Robb remained calm. That’s because of his Christian faith and trust in the Lord our savior.

Robb got by last weekend on his strong faith and devotion to Christ. It’s a key part of his life. Robb is involved in “The Porch” which is a young adult ministry that takes place on Tuesday nights.

While millions of people will be witnessing Robb race on Sunday, Robb wants to use his platform to be a witness for the bigger purpose.

“I would say that my faith is you know, where I find my identity the most,” Robb told me on Media Day. “I feel like God’s given me a platform to use it. So given a little hope and truth and the world that needs it, I think is kind of my responsibility.

” I’ve been put in a position where if it’s not about me rather than it’s about him, so and it’s something I lean on all the time.

“You know, faith plays a big aspect in the way that I race. Not necessarily the way I race but how I handle the things on the racetrack. And you know, racing is got the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and if you don’t have a foundation to work from that piece that joy to work from.”

Robb’s favorite verse is John 3:30

“John 3:30 is one that I use a lot of times and it’s he must become greater I must become less. It’s John the Baptist speaking. So it’s just a reminder myself to stay humble. Stay true to what I need to be doing and don’t become too self inflated because you know, it’s easy to do that, especially at this level. There’s a lot of media attention that goes on and lots of success that can be achieved. But the end of the day, I’m still me I’m still here for something other than just motorsports.

He gets his competitiveness by being an athlete for most of his life. He played high school basketball in Idaho. That will win the hearts in basketball country and for Robb, while he says that basketball doesn’t necessarily translate over to a race car, being a multi-sport athlete has proven in this day and age to help.

“Yeah, I don’t know if it helped a lot. But you know, it’s something I enjoyed a lot and basketball was kind of my pastime,” he says. “You know, if I was away from the racetrack, I’d go out in the driveway and shoot hoops. So I do miss it a little bit. And it may be to help you know, I think there’s a book out there I can remember the name of it right now. But my dad was telling me about it talks about you know, if you look at it professional athletes these days, they’re not one sport athletes. A lot of them played four or five different sports as they grew up. And it’s just, it helps you develop at a young age, different parts of the brain that might not be otherwise connected.

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