Prime Sports NASCAR weekly fantasy team update leaving COTA and heading to Richmond

Eric has been on a terror out of the gates this season already in going 1-2-3 in Atlanta and four of his eight drivers being in the top six. In Phoenix, he went 5-6-9-11-14-18-22-23. For Vegas, it was three more cars in the top 5 (3-4-5) to go along with 5 of his 8 in the top 10 (9-10). He also had 11th and 17th with Logano’s last place result being the only driver outside the top 20. In Fontana, he had 4-5-6-7-8-10-30-32 and in Daytona it was 2-3-5-7-12-17-20-22. That’s why he escaped a bad day in COTA with just two finishers in the top 15.

Greg got Sundays win and four of the top eight finishers while CJ took 2-5-7-9.

CJ is second best this season. He had the top two finishers in Fontana as well and the winner in Vegas and Phoenix too. However, this team was reeling behind each week as well. His finishes from Fontana were 1-2-9-11-16-25-33-36. For Vegas, it was 1-7-14-18-22-23-24-27. In Phoenix, it was 1-8-12-16-17-19-20-28. For Atlanta, he was 9-10-16-17-19-20-28-32.

Greg has been heating up lately. Prior to Phoenix, he had 5 total top 10 finishes. On the Arizona track alone, he ended up with four top 10 finishers that day in going 2-3-4-7-21-24-25-35. In Atlanta, Greg also had three more cars in the top 10 (5-7-8) but also 11-13-24-31-35 too. In Vegas, Greg had 2-6-12-13-15-19-26-28. In Fontana, he had just 1 driver in the top 10 (Ross Chastain, 3rd) with 7 of his 8 being 15th or worse (3-15-19-20-26-28-29-34). For Daytona, Greg had 8-9-18-23-26-35-37-39.

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