What Camaro move means for NASCAR

GM announced the end of the line for the Camaro. Many questions have now come up on what this means for the car in NASCAR.

“While we are not announcing an immediate successor today, rest assured, this is not the end of Camaro’s story,” Scott Bell, vice president of Chevrolet, said in a statement today.

The Camaro is what Chevrolet uses in the NASCAR models. This is the sixth generation of this Camaro and it has proved to be a championship winning car in not only the Xfinity Series, but also the Cup Series as well.

Chevrolet initially introduced the Camaro ZL1 race car to NASCAR Cup competition in 2018. It was replaced by the Camaro ZL1 1LE race car in 2020, which Chase Elliot drove to a Driver’s Championship in the car’s first season. Kyle Larson then won the title in it for the 2021 season. Last year, half of the Championship 4 field in the Cup Series belonged to Camaro’s.

So far this season, Chevrolet is off to a hot start in winning 4 of the 5 races and taking 8 of the 10 stage wins. Multiple drivers have said that Chevrolet did their homework and has one of the better body styles in the series today which is a massive advantage for them.

Chevy won just 11 races in the 2018-2019 body style which sparked moves for the road and street car as well as the race car beginning in 2020. That was a championship caliber move.

That decision has been seen them reach victory lane 42 times over the last 77 races including winning 2 of the last 3 championships. While they can still use the Camaro in 2024, they’ll need to use a different body style starting in the 2025 season.

How much does this change things for the Chevrolet camp two years down the road?

That remains to obviously be seen.

Chevrolet has campaigned 14 different nameplates in the Cup Series, dating back to 1955, and with well over 800 victories is the winningest brand in NASCAR Cup Series history. Chevy’s first win was by Fonty Flock at Columbia Speedway in South Carolina in 1955, the same year Chevrolet introduced its famed small-block V-8. Since then, Chevrolet has won 40 Manufacturer Championships, including 13 in a row from 2003-2015, and 33 Driver Championships to lead all manufacturers.

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