If Harvick wins the Daytona 500, Busch Light to give $2 million to one lucky fan, details

As we head into the 65th edition of Daytona Speedweeks, this one will be extra special to not only Kevin Harvick, but to participating NASCAR fans as well. See, this month’s Great American Race will mark Harvick’s 22nd and final one. This past offseason, Harvick announced that the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series season will be his last. That also means it will be the final time that the 47-year-old will strap behind the wheel of his No. 4 Busch Light Ford in NASCAR’s version of the Super Bowl. Harvick will trade his firesuit for a dress suit and call the race as a part of the Fox Sports team beginning in 2024.

However, before we get to that point, Harvick would like to become just the 13th different driver to win multiple Daytona 500’s. If he can accomplish that feat on Feb. 19, then one lucky fan will be celebrating just as much as Harvick.

His long-time sponsor, Busch Light, continues to be innovative from a marketing and fan engagement standpoint. If Harvick can score the victory, then Busch Light is prepared to give $2 million to one lucky fan to celebrate the victory as well as Harvick’s upcoming retirement.

For Harvick, who scored the 2014 NASCAR Cup Series championship in his first season of sponsorship from Anheuser-Busch, feels that he could never have reached the pinnacle of the sport without their support. Harvick is eternally grateful to the brand and is excited at a chance to change the life of a fan.

“There are so many factors that go into building a successful career like the one I’ve been blessed to have, but without a doubt, the support of my fans has been something I couldn’t have done it without,” said Harvick. “Busch Light has always seen that, put fans first and led the rallying cry. Now for my final race at Daytona, there’s really no better gesture than to let the ones who helped get me here share in the winnings. I’m grateful to Busch Light for stepping up and making that possible.”

Harvick is grateful to Busch Light, and likewise Busch Light is forever grateful to Harvick as well.

“Our relationship with Kevin has extended beyond what we believed was even possible as a sponsor in NASCAR,” said Krystyn Stowe, Head of Marketing Busch Family & Natural Family at Anheuser-Busch. “We want to go BIG for his final season and rally his fans to support him at his last Daytona 500, kick starting the most explosive season of his career. We’re going to be right beside him, cold Busch Lights at the ready in Victory Lane all season long.”

It’s realistic to think that he can win too. Harvick won the 2007 Daytona 500 and has a pair of top 5 finishes in his last three tries too. In fact, out of his last eight Daytona 500 starts, Harvick has scored a top five in half of them. That’s remarkable because this race is almost like winning the lottery. To be able to survive the chaos for 200 laps and to finish in the top five as much as he has lately, that’s saying something.

So how can you win?

Go to busch.com/winthepurse to sign up. It’s free and is open now through Feb. 18.

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