Reaume Brothers Racing to move to Ford power for the 2023 season

On Tuesday morning, Reaume Brothers Racing announced a partnership with Ford Performance Group as we roll into the 2023 season. This will mark the first of many seasons together as RBR has fully committed to Ford. This change stems from a well highlighted/successful debut of making the Daytona 500 with their No. 27 Team Hezeberg (Reaume Brothers Racing) Ford – which was powered by Roush Yates Ford Performance. 

According to the team, they state that in order to catapult themselves to the next level, there needed to be a solid engineering foundation in addition to an internal marketing group that could support and leverage partnerships that will bring increased ROI.

This offseason their team has invested in several specific areas and looks to have internal resources that can help cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship between Reaume Brothers Racing and Ford.

“My vision for my race team over the next few years is to not just benefit from the resources of Ford Performance, but to be able to build internally and to be able to provide the manufacturer with resources developed through our race team.” Expressed Team Owner, Josh Reaume. “I am confident that over the next six months to a year, we will be able to utilize our internal resources to elevate our on-track performance to the next level. This growth and success will take some time, but I am confident that we will have the right foundation to progress forward.”

Going into their sixth season, Reaume Brothers Racing has developed more depth organizationally, which has allowed Josh Reaume to work more on the business instead of for the business. The benefit of that is that Josh is now able to utilize his background as a race engineer. Over the course of this season, Reaume Brothers Racing will house innovative engineering tools and expertise to elevate on-track performance and take that performance to the next level.

Along with this announcement, the team was eager to announce that their driver lineup for the 2023 season, will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks.

Reaume Brothers Racing prides its self in being the most diverse team in the history of NASCAR. Providing 33 drivers their debut in NASCAR’s top divisions and over 50 drivers representing several nationalities and unique backgrounds over the past 5 seasons.

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