Prime Sports NASCAR – weekly fantasy update from Talladega and where the standings sit heading to the ROVAL

CJ picked up his 10th win of the season on Sunday at Talladega via Chase Elliott’s miraculous come from behind victory in the YellaWood 500. However, he only had 3 drivers in the top 10 on the day with 3 more 20th or worse. Greg had runner-up Ryan Blaney but 4 drivers 19th or worse. Eric may not have got the win but he had 3 drivers in the top 8 and 4 in the top 13.

Prime Sports NASCAR weekly preview video here

Bank of America ROVAL 400 Preview:
Chevrolet has won all the road courses this year and is looking to end the season on twistys 6-for-6. The thing just, just 3 times has a non playoff driver also won the 6th race of the postseason with none of which occurring since this playoff format started in 2014.
That means you can really break it down to the top 12 in points right now.
Bank of America ROVAL 400 Top Stats
· Only once in four years has someone started in the top five and won. Chase Elliott started second in 2020.
· 3 of the 4 race winners started in the top 10.
· Starting spots on road courses this season: 16th (COTA), 8th (Sonoma), 4th (Road America), 1st (Indy), 2nd (Watkins Glen).
Bank of America ROVAL 400 Live Trends:
· The 4 years this race has occurred, the winner finished in the top 2 in 3 of the 4 second stages. Ryan Blaney won the second stage in 2018, Elliott won it in 2019 and he was second in 2020 while Kyle Larson was 6th last year.
· The first stage, Blaney was 10th in 2018, Elliott was ninth in 2019 and he didn’t get a top 10 in 2020 while Larson didn’t get one last year.
· This year, none of the road course races saw a driver that had won finish in points in Stage 1.
· In Stage 2, they finished: 8th (COTA), 4th (Sonoma), 10th (Road America), no points (Indy) and 8th (Watkins Glen).
· In 4 of the 5 road courses run, the only laps led by the eventual winner all occurred in the final stage. However, they dominated that final stage too as 3 of the 5 road courses this season were won by a driver that also led the most laps.



2 TEAM ERIC –280 points

3 TEAM CJ – 735 points 

1 TEAM GDP – 7,340 points (11 wins)

R Blaney… 1,280 (1 win)

T Reddick…1,145 (3 wins)

C Bell… 980 (1 win)

K Harvick…835 (2 wins)

B Wallace 630 (1 win)

B Keselowski…260 

M McDowell…215

Waived/Traded Drivers… (1,995; 3 wins)


2 TEAM ERIC – 7,060 points (10 wins)

D Hamlin… 1,340 (2 wins)

J Logano… 1,115 (2 wins)

R Chastain… 1,080 (2 wins)

K Larson… 1,000 (1 win)

D Suarez… 895 (1 win)

C Buescher… 325 (1 win)

A Dillon…180

Waived/Traded Drivers… (1,125; 1 win)


3 TEAM CJ – 6,605 points (10 wins)

C Elliott… 1,600 (5 wins)

A Cindric… 1,080 (1 win)

W Byron… 915 (2 wins)

Kyle B… 880 (1 win)

E Jones… 785 (1 win)

M Truex Jr… 725

T Gibbs… 105

Waived Drivers… (515)


9/29 (After Race 30/Texas) Team GDP waives A Bowman (825 points/1 winfor M McDowell (55 points).


9/27 (After Race 30/Texas) Team GDP waives C Briscoe (705 points/1 win) for B Keselowski (240 points).


8/28 (After Race 26/Daytona)Team ERIC waives M McDowell (30 points) for A Dillon.


8/17 (After Race 25/Richmond)Team ERIC waives A Almirola (495 points) and T Gibbs (30 points) for C Buescher and M McDowell.

8/17 (After Race 25/Richmond)Team CJ waives A Dillon (460 points) for T Gibbs.


8/5 (After Race 23/Indianapolis RC) Team ERIC waives Kurt B (295 points, 1 win) for Ty Gibbs. 


8/1 (After Race 23/Indianapolis RC)

Team GDP waives B Keselowski (240 points) for B Wallace (200 points). 


7/18 (After Race 20/New Hampshire)

Team GDP waives M McDowell (55 points) for B Keselowski (210 points). 


5/27 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team GDP waives R Stenhouse Jr. (105 points) for M McDowell. 


5/16 (After Race 13/Kansas)

Team GDP waives J Haley (0 points) for R Stenhouse Jr. 


5/9 (After Race 12/Darlington)

Team GDP waives B Keselowski (210 points) for J Haley. 


4/25 (After Race 10/Talladega)

Team CJ waives H Burton (55 points) for E Jones.


3/15 (After Race 4/Phoenix)

Team GDP waives D Wallace (200 points) for C Bell


3/14 (After Race 4/Phoenix) 

Team ERIC waives C Bell (35 points) for R Chastain. 


3/2 (After Race 2/Fontana) 

Team GDP waives C Buescher (30 points) for C Briscoe. 


3/29 (After Race 6/Texas Road)Team GDP Acquired K Harvick (120 points) and T Reddick (120 points) from Team ERIC for K Larson (170 points, 1 win) and Kurt B (160 points).


Weekly Race Points Standings


Week 32 Talladega

1 CJ 780

2 ERIC 600

3 GDP 540


Driver Standings (Top 10)


1 C Elliott… 1,600 (CJ)

2 D Hamlin… 1,340 (ERIC)

3 R Blaney… 1,280 (GDP)

4 T Reddick… 1,265 (GDP)

5 K Larson… 1,170 (ERIC)

6 J Logano… 1,115 (ERIC)

7 R Chastain… 1,080 (ERIC)

7 A Cindric… 1,080 (CJ)

9 C Bell… 1,015 (GDP)

10 K Harvick… 955 (GDP)

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