Reddick to stay with RCR for 2023, details on that and if Childress just did to Reddick what Reddick did to him

One of the main questions on the move that Richard Childress Racing had signed Kyle Busch was what do they do with Tyler Reddick? Childress cleared up that confusion on Tuesday morning saying that Reddick isn’t going anywhere until 2024 still.

Both sides have agreed on the 2023 option and will honor those commitments still. Case closed. If 23XI Racing is going to bring Reddick over, they’re going to have to buy him out which doesn’t seem like that’s in the cards.

23XI admitted that they made this deal for Reddick early so they can plan for his arrival. They’re not interested in buying him out early nor are they wanting to expand to a 3rd full time car. It’s too late for all the above.

They admitted that bringing the team into the fold for the 2021 season but announcing it in October of 2020 was rushed. Bringing a 2nd car a year later for Kurt Busch was quick. By announcing Reddick in July 2022 to come over in January 2024 would allow them to breathe and make this work to plan.

Why deviate from said plan now?

Or is this both sides playing hardball? RCR says they’ll get a 3rd charter and a 3rd team. They don’t have to pay him to leave. 23XI doesn’t have either and says they don’t need to. They’ll get him a year later anyways.

Unfortunately for Reddick, it almost appears that he’s going to be shifted over to a 3rd team to just appease this dealing.

Remember, RCR used to have 3 charters and Childress confirmed that they’ll get one back. How? He’s not ready to say but he did say it’s firm that they’ll have a 3rd car with a 3rd charter and Reddick will drive it for one year.

Ross Chastain and Tyler Reddick battle for the win in overtime of Sunday’s Verizon 200

The thing is, Reddick will kind of be tossed aside because Busch will drive the No. 8 Chevrolet and keep Reddick’s team basically. Even his crew chief.

As far as why separate a good thing that seems to be clicking?

Childress notes that he’s thinking long term and Reddick is here just 1 more season. Busch is here further down the road.

“I’m not looking for a one-year deal,” Childress said on why he pushed Reddick to the site per say. “I’m looking to build a strong team for the future.“ Putting (Reddick) in another car because his contract is just for one more year, and having Kyle for a long-term contract that’s the perfect answer, I think. It was a no-brainer.”

Childress said that he didn’t speak to Reddick on this matter until this morning.

“It was okay, he understood our contract and what’s in it,” Childress said. “I just told him that we have a contract to race him next year, and I talked to him later about keeping him posted on how it’s going and what we’re going to be doing, how we’re going to put it together.”

Sound familiar?

Busch and Childress have spoken obviously prior to Tuesday morning and had to have come to an agreement before as well. So to shut Reddick out of those discussions and to not tell him until today speaks volumes to me.

11 days after winning with RCR, Tyler Reddick awkwardly appeared on a Toyota zoom call. Some thought it was a joke. Then Reddick sits down next to Denny Hamlin and the 2 sides announce a deal for the 2024 season.

Big note there – 2024.

Reddick thought he was doing right by riding out his contract with RCR and leaving at the end of the next season. However, how it was handled had a direct hand in landing Kyle Busch too.

Childress was pissed.

Reddick and Childress both admitted that Childress wasn’t aware of Reddick’s intentions until the morning of the announcement. Childress was hurt and felt like he was owed a little more respect to be able to make this a mutual thing instead of one sided.

This wasn’t the first time this has happened to Childress. Kevin Harvick, their best driver since Dale Earnhardt left after the 2013 season. It was a deal announced in 2012.

The difference?

Harvick made Childress aware.

“Well, Kevin and I talked through his whole deal and we made a joint announcement. He won four races that year, and we almost won the championship,” Childress said. “This one didn’t happen like that.”

Instead, they were blindsided with no shot to have their own spin on it.

“Well, after they made their announcement, I met — I thought about it a lot that night, gave it a lot of thought, and it’s more than just about one person,” Childress said. “It’s about a team. Stayed up most of the night thinking about what I should do, how I wanted to handle it.

“I went in the next day and told the whole team it wasn’t a perfect circumstance the way it went down, but we’re going to give it everything we’ve got this year, and we’ll see where we go next year.”

Then Reddick went out and won Indy which seemed to help keep him in this seat for 2023 and let grown up be grown ups.

“Winning helps,” Tyler Reddick said of his relationship with current boss Richard Childress.

“Yeah, Tyler will be in the car at RCR next year,” Childress confirmed.

Reddick also admitted that it was uneasy for a while but this win definitely helps their relationship, especially at Indy.

“Anytime you win at Indy, it’s always great,” Childress said. “This will be the fourth win on the Brickyard. We won one with Ty Dillon with the Xfinity, so we’ve won five times. Anytime you can get a win at Indy, it’s very special.

“I’ll congratulate him. I’ll congratulate the whole team,” Childress said. “The whole team did a great job. I’ll congratulate our sponsors.”

Reddick says that on his side, nothing has really changed from the announcement other than knowing where he’s going to be in the next year and a half.

“My commitment level, if anything, probably is a little bit higher, but I mean, we’re not talking like it’s a significant amount higher,” he said.

“I just know that we’ve had time to continue to work on our cars and make them better and grow as a team and go the right direction, and now it’s like, all right, we have a hard stop. This is the end of the road that we have together. For me that puts, I think, a good amount of pressure on me to just keep finding more, because we’re always trying to bring the best that we can to the racetrack, but when we know that the end is — it’s not really close, but we know when it’s going to be, we’ve got to take advantage of every single moment possible, and I hope, I feel like at least for me, it’s a good thing. I think it really makes me push hard, and I think it’s making the team push hard. We’re all working really hard together to give it every last ounce that we have out there and win as many races as we can.”

Even Denny Hamlin took a subtle dig at RCR on Tuesday morning.

Key wording, “the timing could not be better.”

Remmber this?

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