Kyle Busch open to Indy 500, “I can do it” he now says

For years, Kyle Busch wanted to try the Indianapolis 500. For years he was always told, “no.” A few years ago during the Brickyard 400 weekend, Busch was asked about a possibility of racing in the Indy 500. He mentioned that he was actually close a few years prior but that it was shot down.

As far as who told him he couldn’t?

Busch said he has two bosses one and home and one at work and 1 of them said he couldn’t. He said as far as which one, we had to figure it out. He wouldn’t say.

Now it appears the person to say no to Busch was clear because one interesting nugget that Busch shared with the media during his announcement that he’d join Richard Childress Racing for 2023 and beyond was that he has a clause in his contract that he can race in the Indy 500 in the future.

“I can do it,” Busch said. “Any Chevrolet team INDYCAR teams call me up.”

Childress isn’t against it and you know there’s room for him to race. As far as which teams would be willing?

You have to start out at the top don’t you? Penske used to run 4 cars and scaled down to 3.

Busch, said in November of 2019 that Team Penske was actually an option when he thought that he’d be racing in the ‘500 a few years ago.

“Him and I have spoken about it though,” Busch said then. “He was one of the team owners that I was going to drive for if the opportunity presented itself.”

If Penske can’t, I would never put it past Arrow McLaren SP to hire Busch. Hell, they’ve hired what seems like everyone else. Why not Busch?

Ed Carpenter Racing would make sense too. ECR fielded a one-off entry for Danica Patrick a few years back so why not Busch?

AJ Foyt Racing could have an opening as they have 4 chassis. Juncos Hollinger Racing has a 2nd car that they’ll race next year but it may be hard to attract a driver with them knowing that they can’t race the Indy 500 so that option may not work.

I would think Penske, AMSP or ECR would be at the top of the list and can make it happen.

Busch’s brother Kurt raced in the 2014 race for Andretti Autosport and finished 6th.

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