An in-depth timeline of this wild McLaren saga from INDYCAR and F1 and how this whole thing transpired

What a wild summer it’s been for racing silly season. The only team that’s involved in the NTT INDYCAR Series, Formula 1 as well as Formula E beginning in 2023, has certainly stirred the pot. It’s a confusing stretch of occurrences so lets build a timeline of how this all transpired. To do so, you have to go back to February.

That’s a lot that has transpired over the course of the last few months. My takeaway? McLaren has offered their 2nd F1 seat to multiple drivers before it was even open. If Piastri agreed upon a deal on July 4, it’s not like that was the 1st day that the two sides spoke. They had to have been talking prior.

Which means Ricciardo was a lame duck no matter what. They were already seeking his replacement. While Ricciardo acknowledges that he had no prior knowledge that Piastri and McLaren were talking, I almost wonder if he did get word and decided to make that video on July 13 to up his buyout price.

However, the 4th of July date is key because they agreed with Piastri before they agreed with Palou. That’s significant because even if Ricciardo was to return in ’23 and Piastri was only going to be a reserve driver, that deal was only like for 1 year. He was going to be in the 2nd McLaren F1 ride in 2024. Which means Palou never was going to be a Formula 1 driver.

In turn, it means the main path was for McLaren to have Norris and Piastri in F1, O’Ward, Rossi and Palou in INDYCAR and Rast and Rosenqvist in Formula E.

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