If truly focused, RCR can make a deep playoff run this Fall, why I feel that way here

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla — Richard Childress Racing is saying all the right things. Winning heals all remember. Those were echoes coming out of the RCR camp after Tyler Reddick won at Indy last month. Then it was Reddick who toed the company line by pushing Austin Dillon to a walkoff Daytona victory in Sunday afternoon’s Coke Zero Sugar 400 to also push Dillon into the playoffs as well.

Dillon says he has no qualms about Reddick as his teammate still has his trust. Reddick says that he has no ill wills towards RCR and that he’s going to go above and beyond to help ensure that he and this team win a championship this year.

Now, if Childress can do a good enough job of putting out fires and ensuring Reddick’s path is definitely staying in place for 2023, then watch out. I can see RCR going on a deep playoff run in fact.

I know it may be a difficult situation for Childress to swallow, but if he can, then the sky may be the limit here.

Dillon just gave RCR their 3rd win of the 2022 season. It’s the first time since 2011 when multiple RCR drivers won in a given season. Kevin Harvick won 4 times that season. Paul Menard won once.

It’s also the most wins in a single season for RCR since Harvick won 4 times in 2013 too. Does this signify that RCR is back?

They’re trending closer.

It’s a long way from being winless in 2021 and having 1 win in 2020.

In fact, from 2014 through 2021, they were winless in 6 of those 8 seasons. They had 1 win in the other 2 years each. This time, they have 3 trips to victory lane and 2 of the 3 are at iconic tracks in Indianapolis and Daytona.

Austin Dillon celebrates his Daytona win on Sunday

While all 3 wins are also on “wild card” type tracks with a pair of road course wins and a superspeedway, it still is signaling that RCR is trending up.

I mean just look at the 2nd round tracks. Texas, Talladega and the Charlotte ROVAL. Dillon’s last 2 wins came at Texas and Daytona. He was runner-up this past spring at Talladega. Reddick has won 2 of the last 3 road course races and looked strong in the last at Watkins Glen. He was runner-up just now at Daytona.

They can win a 2nd round race and push at least one of them through to the Round of 8. Then look at what’s in store in the third round.

Las Vegas, Homestead, Martinsville.

Homestead is a track that best suits Reddick. He was 2nd there last year in fact. Dillon just finished 3rd at Martinsville back in April. They were P7 (Reddick) and P11 (Dillon) in Vegas.

I get the notion that they have to make it out of the first round to even get there, but these first round tracks suit them too. Dillon was 9th and 13th at Darlington and Kansas and for Bristol, we’ve not been there yet this year on concrete but Reddick was one turn away from a win on dirt there back in April too. He also was runner-up at Darlington back in May as well.

This team can make some noise this postseason.

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