Prime Sports NASCAR – weekly fantasy team update leaving Gateway and heading to Sonoma

Eric’s streak continues as he picks up the 7th win of the season already via Joey Logano’s triumph in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at the World Wide Technology Raceway. Eric ended up with 3 cars in the top 5 and 4 of his 7 finishing in the top 8.

CJ had a nice comeback from a month where his results were backpeddling to score 2-6-7. Greg only had 4-9 on a day that Eric shined in Gateway as he moves into 2nd place.

Now we head to the 2nd road course of the season in Sonoma to where Chevrolet has won just 3 times in the last 14 years at Sonoma. Ford is only 2-for-18. Toyota is the one to watch in winning 2 of the last 3. However, can they hold off the other 2 manufacturers?

Martin Truex Jr. is obviously the favorite but he’s only had just 2 top 5 finishes all season. Is he really ready to win? Chase Elliott is the road racing master but is 0-for-5 at Sonoma. Is he really ready to win in Sonoma?

This race could be another wide open event with strategy playing the biggest role here. You can pit and not lose a lap so most drivers punt on domination in favor for final stage track position. But, with 11 different winners already this season, does that change anyone’s approach?

1 TEAM GDP – 3,235 points (4 wins)

A Bowman… 535 (1 win)

R Blaney… 530 (1 win)

C Bell… 390

C Briscoe… 340 (1 win)

K Harvick…320

T Reddick…260

R Stenhouse Jr…90

Waived/Traded Drivers… (770; 1 win)

2 TEAM ERIC – 3,005 points (7 wins)

D Hamlin… 570 (2 wins)

J Logano… 520 (2 wins)

R Chastain… 475 (2 wins)

A Almirola… 380

K Larson…330

D Suarez… 270

Kurt B…185 (1 win)

Waived/Traded Drivers… (275)


3 TEAM CJ – 2,990 points (5 wins)

Kyle B… 695 (1 win)

A Cindric… 500 (1 win)

C Elliott… 475 (1 win)

M Truex Jr… 405

W Byron… 385 (2 wins)

A Dillon… 350

E Jones… 125

Waived Drivers… (55)


5/16 (After Race 13/Kansas)

Team GDP waives J Haley (0 points) for R Stenhouse Jr. 


5/9 (After Race 12/Darlington)

Team GDP waives B Keselowski (210 points) for J Haley. 


4/25 (After Race 10/Talladega)

Team CJ waives H Burton (55 points) for E Jones.


3/15 (After Race 4/Phoenix)

Team GDP waives D Wallace (200 points) for C Bell


3/14 (After Race 4/Phoenix) 

Team ERIC waives C Bell (35 points) for R Chastain. 


3/2 (After Race 2/Fontana) 

Team GDP waives C Buescher(30 points) for C Briscoe. 


3/29 (After Race 6/Texas Road)Team GDP Acquired K Harvick (120 points) and T Reddick (120 points) from Team ERIC for K Larson (170 points, 1 win) and Kurt B (160 points).


Weekly Race Points Standings

Week 16 Illinois

1 ERIC 235

2 CJ 175

3 GDP 105


Driver Standings (Top 10)


1 Kyle B… 695 (CJ)

2 D Hamlin… 570 (ERIC)

3 A Bowman… 535 (GDP)

4 R Blaney… 530 (GDP)

5 J Logano… 520 (ERIC)

6 A Cindric… 500 (CJ)

6 K Larson… 500 (ERIC)

8 R Chastain… 475 (ERIC)

8 C Elliott… 475 (CJ)

10 K Harvick… 440 (GDP)


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