Day 2 of practice for the 106th Running of the Indianapolis 500 washed out Wednesday in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS — Mother nature won out today on a soggy Wednesday from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Moisture began to fall on the hallowed grounds shortly before teams were set to hit the track for Day 2 of practice for the 106th Running of the Indianapolis 500. Unfortunately, it never let up in enough time ending the day prematurely.

This is the first time since 2016 that a practice day was affected by weather. The last time was actually May 17, 2016 to be exact.

That’s good and bad news depending on how you look at it. For the veterans, they’re okay with missing out on a day of practice. They know their ways around the 2.5-mile track and a day off the track isn’t as much of a loss for them compared to the rookies or youngsters needing that valuable track time.

Also, teams ran a lot on Tuesday in anticipation of a potential washout of Day 2. So, they’re not as stressed as they typically were if a day was washed out on a short week.

However, with Fast Friday looking like difficult conditions, it really makes Thursday’s 6 hours with the added importance. Qualifying is this weekend but temperatures are slated as of now to being in the 60’s for it. Friday is supposed to be in the upper 80s to low 90s with some high wind gusts compared to a Sunday temperature of 68.

There’s not a lot of data to gain on Friday when there’s over a 20 degree difference in ambient conditions. Throw in the wind factor too and you could see a light day of practice.

That’s why Thursday will be a busy day with teams likely electing to not only get some racing running in, but also an early look at qualifying prep even without the aid of the additional boost.

Top Quote – Rookies Finding Indy Out The Hard Way

“I say yes and no,” Devlin DeFrancesco told me on Wednesday morning on if the test helped him get up to speed quicker on Day 1 on Tuesday. “When we got here, Mario Andretti actually told me and said, ‘once you have this place figured out it will all change and the balance is going to change and you’re going to have no idea as to why. I think we experienced that for the first time in the first run yesterday. We went out with something that we had nailed at the test and we were extremely loose on the 1st lap of the 1st run yesterday. I understand what that’s like now. We ran through a few different changes on how to get the understeer out and then the oversteer out, the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Action Of The Day

The Arrow McLaren SP team elected to have boat races on the pit lane during the rain delay.

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