Former INDYCAR Team, Team Strange, to run part time Cup schedule

Team Stange Racing expanded into the IndyCar Series in 2019, finishing 22nd in the Indianapolis 500. Now, they’re focusing on NASCAR. Its goal for 2022 and beyond is to consistently compete for wins in the NASCAR Cup Series, and multiple racing formulas in both the USA and internationally. Team Stange Racing is aiming to build a motorsports empire looking at other motorsport disciplines to compete in 2023 along with NASCAR and the GT Sprint Race in Brazil.

So, on Tuesday, the team announced that they’ll operate as the only Chicago-based NASCAR team, and have partnered with blockchain development company Dignity Gold, LLC and its DIGau token as it competes in eight NASCAR Cup Series races throughout 2022, the first of many announcements to be made this year.

Dignity Gold is a United States-based digital security company that is taking a revolutionary approach to using verified gold reserves to back its security token. Making the deal between Team Stange Racing and Dignity Gold, LLC even more unique is that the entire sponsorship was paid in Dignity Gold’s DIGau tokens (traded on CryptoSX and BitGlobal).

Team Stange Racing also announced that Tarso Marques, a Brazilian racing driver who has competed in 24 Formula One Grands Prix races, will be its driver in the NASCAR Cup Series races and other series to be announced in 2022.

“We’re thrilled for investors and the racing community to come together with this partnership from Dignity Gold, bringing value to the racetrack and race fans who possess a passion for digital securities and competitive racing,” stated John Stange, Jr., President and CEO of Team Stange Racing. “With an experienced driver like Tarso behind the wheel, we’re very optimistic about competing in the NASCAR Cup Series this year, with additional races and series to be announced. I look forward to teaming up with Dignity and my friend Tarso on the racing programs, as we continue to build a dream team, leading exciting projects outside of racing.”

“This is an incredible opportunity to bring awareness to race fans about a U.S. compliant digital security that is a modern investment vehicle based on a traditional equity, gold-reserves,” explained Kent M. Swig, Chairman of Dignity Corp. “Stange Racing and Dignity Gold will be a significant partnership, bridging the gap between casual fans, investors and the exciting new frontier of digital securities.”

The first of Team Stange Racing’s eight 2022 NASCAR Cup Series will take place on July 3 at the Kwik Trip 250 in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. A Ford Mustang with Roush Yates Power—Car 79, the numeric number for gold—will be driven for all of Team Stange Racing’s NASCAR Cup Series races in 2022. Team Stange Racing will also run the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race as a refresher on June 12 in Sonoma, California.

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