Spire to have 2nd car full-time in 2022, Bilicki will do “most” races for them

Spire initially had three charters in the NASCAR Cup Series. They sold two of them to Kaulig Racing for the upcoming season leaving them with just one. They’d use it for Corey LaJoie. Word then started circulating during the second half of last season that they were in the market for a second one back again. The thing is, where would it come from?

23XI Racing and GMS Racing were each after another charter themselves and without much available, if Spire runs a second full-time car again, it may have to come as an open team.

Then GMS merges with Petty and receives a charter via their shared one last season with Rick Ware Racing. Petty kept their No. 43 Chevrolet charter while GMS will now have the split RWR/Petty charter.

23XI Racing and Spire each wanted a charter and StarCom’s was available. So is one more with Rick Ware Racing. It worked out.

In turn, Spire will run the No. 77 Chevrolet full-time again and have hired Josh Bilicki as the driver for most of their races. Bilicki, has ran 71 career Cup races including all 36 last year. He ran 22 of the 36 in 2020 too. They’ll have other drivers in this car for the ones that Bilicki doesn’t race.

Right now, the Daytona 500 driver is TBA.

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