GMS purchases majority stake in RPM, what this means

Ever since GMS Racing announced that they’d be in the NASCAR Cup Series for the 2022 season, they’ve been after a charter. With only 36 of them for the talking and most already being spoken for, it was looking all the more likely that they’d have to run as an open team.

Now, not only do they have one charter, they have acquired two.

On Wednesday afternoon, GMS and Richard Petty Motorsports announced a merger. GMS bought into Petty to be the majority interest and in turn picks up two charters.

They’d get the 43 and the 51 that Petty shared with Rick Ware Racing.

“Richard Petty Motorsports has agreed to sell a majority interest to Maury Gallagher, owner of GMS Racing,” a statement read. “Two charters are included in the agreement and will be operated during the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season. This is a special moment for both organizations, as the Next Gen car allows a new chapter to be written.”

It’s likely that the two drivers will be Erik Jones and Ty Dillon.

Jones, just signed a contract extension with RPM back in August and will likely stay in the famed 43 car.

Ty Dillon joined GMS Racing in October in their 94 car.

This means now that the rumored sale of StarCom’s charter to 23XI Racing will occur and Rick Ware Racing will now be a 2-3 car outfit.

Spire is said to be after one more charter and RWR has stated that they’d like to be a two car team, so you can see that path too.

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