Prime Sports NASCAR – weekly fantasy update after the ROVAL

CJ got got the win Sunday. That was expected. He had the top road course racers this year and Kyle Larson delivered his seventh win of the season, three of which coming on road courses. That gave CJ his 15th win of 2021 and opened up his lead a bit again with outscoring Eric by 30.

That’s comes a week after Eric led the week of scoring with 780 points compared to 410 by CJ and 370 by Greg. He entered Talladega’s race 290 points back and left 190 points arrears with five races remaining.

CJ now leads by 230 heading to Texas on the heels of going 1-8-15-20-21-29-33. Eric had 2-5-7-11-12-14-24. Greg went 3-4-6-9-10-23-25.

Now it’s to Texas where CJ has Larson who won the All-Star race but with a different package. Martin Truex Jr is always a threat there but has also never won on this track either. Kevin Harvick has two finishes better than fourth all season and isn’t in the playoffs anymore. Brad Keselowski may be his next best but he’s not at his best at Texas.

Eric has a team full of drivers who struggle at Texas. Greg May have the top team with Kyle Busch winning this race last year, Ryan Blaney as the top sleeper, Alex Bowman who’s underrated there, Chris Buescher who’s good on 550 tracks and the Ganassi duo who are strong on the types of tracks too.




Top 5…150

Top 10…100

Top 20…65

Top 30…40

1 TEAM CJR – 7,170 points (14 wins)

K Larson… 2280 (8 wins)

M Truex Jr… 1190 (4 wins)

K Harvick… 1025

C Bell… 780 (1 win)

A Dillon… 630

B Keselowski… 430

R Stenhouse Jr… 225

Traded Drivers… (460/1 win)

Waived Drivers… (150)

2 TEAM ES – 6,940 points (8 wins)

D Hamlin… 1610 (2 wins)

C Elliott… 1370 (2 wins)

J Logano… 1000 (1 win)

W Byron… 905 (1 win)

D Wallace Jr… 775 (1 win)

T Reddick… 680

A Almirola… 495 (1 win)

Waived Drivers… (105)


3 TEAM GDP – 5,590 points (9 wins) 

R Blaney… 1150 (3 wins)

Kyle B 1100 (2 wins)

A Bowman… 955 (3 wins)

C Buescher… 550

M DiBenedetto.… 470

Kurt B… 260 

R Chastain.… 255

Traded Drivers… (595/1 win)

Waived Drivers… (255)


Weekly Race Points Standings


Week 32 Charlotte Roval

1 CJ 540

2 Eric 510

3 Greg 450


Overall Driver Standings (Top 10)


K Larson… 2280 (CJ)

D Hamlin… 1610 (Eric)

C Elliott… 1370 (Eric)

4 M Truex Jr… 1190 (CJ) 

5 R Blaney… 1150 (Greg)

6 Kyle B… 1100 (Greg)

K Harvick… 1025 (CJ)

J Logano… 1000 (Eric)

9 A Bowman… 955 (Greg)

10 W Byron… 905 (Eric)

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