Prime Sports NASCAR – weekly fantasy team update leaving Las Vegas

Eric scored his win of the season via Denny Hamlin’s triumph in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In fact, he had a 1-2 result with Chase Elliott coming home in second. Tyler Reddick gave his fantasy team 3 drivers in the top six while Joey Logano’s 11th place result put Eric’s team as tops this week.

4 of his 7 were in the top 11 giving him 780 points last week.

Greg also had two cars in the top five with Kyle Busch (3rd) and Ryan Blaney (5th) as well as getting an eighth place run out of Kurt Busch.

CJ had fourth (Martin Truex Jr.), seventh (Brad Keselowski), eighth (Kevin Harvick) and 10th (Kyle Larson) to get four cars in the top 10 himself.

Now, we turn our focus to Talladega for what is always an unpredictable race. The thing is, since this playoff format was adopted in 2014, all seven Fall races have been won by playoff drivers. Furthermore, Ford has won 10 of the last 12 superspeedway races in general including all three this season.

That means this could be a wild week for us. Greg has Ryan Blaney who’s won twice in his last four Talladega starts including a win to close out the regular season at Daytona too. He’s also had eight top sixes in his last 10 starts on the season in general. That’s the favorite of the race.

He also has Chris Buescher who’s always a superspeedway sleeper in his No. 17 Ford. He was sixth this past spring. Ross Chastain had a top 10 in the Daytona 500 and looked good at Daytona back in August too. Matt DiBenedetto is always strong on superspeedway tracks and should have won this race last year as well as this past spring as well. The ones he may have to hope goes right is Kurt Busch (28th or worst in 3 of his last 4 starts there), Kyle Busch (0 top 10’s last 7) and Alex Bowman (33rd, 37th and 14 in the Fall, 38th this pasts spring).

CJ may have a rough week out of his top drivers. Kyle Larson (40th place last 2 and 4 of last 6 39th or worse), Martin Truex Jr. (1 top 5 since 2007, 8 straight of 20th or worse), Kevin Harvick (2 top 5’s last 9) and Christopher Bell (29th, 39th and 17th) aren’t good on this track. In their interim, Austin Dillon (Daytona 500 champion, winner of a Duel back in February), Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (2nd last spring, 9th last Fall and 3 top 5’s in his last 7 at Talladega) and Brad Keselowski (6 time Talladega winner, including this past Spring).

Eric though could have the most bullets in his chamber. Denny Hamlin (defending race winner, 6 straight top 6’s in the Fall race), Joey Logano (4 top 5’s including 2 wins in his last 6 Fall race starts), William Byron (4th last year, 2nd in the spring), Aric Almirola (past Talladega winner. Won this race in 2018), Tyler Reddick (7th in each of his last 2 Talladega races) and Bubba Wallace (arguably one of his best tracks) on his roster.

1 TEAM CJR – 6,140 points (13 wins) 

K Larson… 1930 (7 wins)

M Truex Jr… 1130 (4 wins)

K Harvick… 955

C Bell… 610 (1 win)

A Dillon… 550

B Keselowski… 190

R Stenhouse Jr 165

Traded Drivers… (460/1 win)

Waived Drivers… (150)


2 TEAM ES – 5,850 points (7 wins)

D Hamlin… 1440 (2 wins)

C Elliott… 1290 (2 wins)

W Byron… 865 (1 win)

J Logano… 830 (1 win)

T Reddick… 480

A Almirola… 455 (1 win)

D Wallace Jr… 385

Waived Drivers… (105)

3 TEAM GDP – 4,910 points (9 wins) 

R Blaney… 1040 (3 wins)

Kyle B 980 (2 wins)

A Bowman… 885 (3 wins)

M DiBenedetto.… 400

C Buescher… 380

R Chastain.… 235

Kurt B… 140 

Traded Drivers… (595/1 win)

Waived Drivers… (255)


8/30 (After Race 26/Daytona) 

Team GDP trades B Keselowski (595 points/win) to Team CJ for Kurt B (460 points/win). 


7/12 (After Race 20/Atlanta)

Team GDP claims M DiBenedetto (190 points) for D Suarez (105 points). 


6/22 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team GDP claims R Chastain for M DiBenedetto (190 points).


6/22 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team CJR claims R Stenhouse Jr. for C Briscoe (150 points).


5/3 (After Race 11/Kansas)

Team GDP claims D Suarez for R Stenhouse Jr. (80 points).


4/13 (After Race 8/Martinsville)

Team ES claims T Reddick for R Chastain (105 points). 


3/22 (After Race 6/Atlanta)

Team GDP claims M DiBenedetto for E Jones (50 points). 


3/15 (After Race 5/Phoenix) 

Team GDP claims R Stenhouse Jr. for M McDowell (15 points). 


3/1 (After Race 3/Homestead-Miami) 

Team GDP claims M McDowellfor M DiBenedetto (5 points). 


Weekly Race Points Standings


Week 30 Las Vegas

1 Eric 780

2 CJ 410

3 Greg 370

Overall Driver Standings (Top 10)


1 K Larson… 1930 (CJ)

2 D Hamlin… 1440 (Eric)

3 C Elliott… 1290 (Eric)

4 M Truex Jr… 1130 (CJ) 

5 R Blaney… 1040 (Greg)

6 Kyle B… 980 (Greg)

7 K Harvick… 955 (CJ)

8 A Bowman… 885 (Greg)

9 W Byron… 865 (Eric)

10 J Logano… 830 (Eric)





Top 5…100

Top 10…70

Top 20…40

Top 30…20

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