Kyle Busch fined $50k for Southern 500 actions, why this and not a suspension or docking of points is the right penalty

In wake of how he brought his race car behind the wall during Sunday’s Southern 500, Kyle Busch was penalized $50k by NASCAR on Tuesday.

NASCAR said that Busch had violated Sections 12.1.a;; 12.8.a of the NASCAR Rule Book and has been fined for a safety violation, actions detrimental to stock car racing and violating the NASCAR member conduct guidelines as a result.

On Lap 125, Busch got into the Turn 2 SAFER barriers after contact from Austin Dillon. That’s where this starts.

Afterwards, Busch knew his day was now done and when doing so, pulled into the garage area. His actions in doing that move is what caused the fine.

Busch going to the garage is fine. It’s how he did so to what’s sparked the outage. The Joe Gibbs Racing driver ran over several orange cones at quick rate in the vicinity of spectators.

You can’t do that. He would have been best served just pulling into his pit stall and climbing out. Yes, drivers pull to their haulers with damage all the time, but they don’t do so like this. If he was that outraged, he should have just climbed out in his pits.

I get him being upset too. He had high hopes for Darlington and his car just wasn’t there. They were struggling and he took his frustrations out on his way to the garage.

This isn’t the first fine for him but it was the right move. I agree that points shouldn’t be a penalty because his move was his move and his move only. That shouldn’t be reflected on his No. 18 Toyota team. Also, a suspension doesn’t help either. A fine should get his attention but also end there too.

That’s where this is. He’s a hell of a talent and a genuinely good guy. Sometimes things happen in the heat of the moment and that’s the root of the problem.

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