Prime Sports NASCAR – weekly fantasy standings after Loudon

Eric closes the gap again as his patience with Aric Almirola pays off. The Stewart-Haas Racing driver scored the win on Sunday in Loudon and stamps his name in the playoffs via that victory.

He ended up having 1–4-10 in leading the way for the week at 185 points. That’s comes after being low man last week.

The points leader in CJ got 2-6 out of Christopher Bell and Kevin Harvick while Greg had 3-4-9-11.

CJ leads Eric by 155 points heading into the two week break with Greg being 560 points arrears.

CJ has 10 wins on the year but Eric is keeping pace with having 4 of his drivers in the top seven of the overall individual driver standings for points accumulated in our league. CJ has Kyle Larson in P1 but his next best driver is in seventh. That’s kept Eric on his heels all season.



1 TEAM CJR – 3865 points (10 wins) 

K Larson… 1240 (5 wins)

M Truex Jr… 630 (3 wins)

K Harvick… 575

C Bell… 455 (1 win)

A Dillon… 400

Kurt B… 385 (1 win)

R Stenhouse Jr… 30

Waived Drivers… (150)

2 TEAM ES – 3710 points (5 wins)

C Elliott… 880 (2 wins)

D Hamlin… 645

J Logano… 640 (1 win)

W Byron… 630 (1 win)

A Almirola… 305 (1 win)

T Reddick… 275

D Wallace Jr… 230

Waived Drivers… (105)


3 TEAM GDP – 3305 points (7 wins) 

Kyle B 760 (2 wins)

A Bowman… 680 (3 wins)

B Keselowski… 570 (1 win)

R Blaney… 525 (1 win)

C Buescher… 265

M DiBenedetto.… 200

R Chastain.… 50

Waived Drivers… (255)



7/12 (After Race 20/Atlanta)

Team GDP claims M DiBenedetto (190 points) for D Suarez (105 points). 


6/22 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team GDP claims R Chastain for M DiBenedetto (190 points).


6/22 (After Race 18/Nashville)

Team CJR claims R Stenhouse Jr. for C Briscoe (150 points).


5/3 (After Race 11/Kansas)

Team GDP claims D Suarez for R Stenhouse Jr. (80 points).


4/13 (After Race 8/Martinsville)

Team ES claims T Reddick for R Chastain (105 points). 


3/22 (After Race 6/Atlanta)

Team GDP claims M DiBenedetto for E Jones (50 points). 


3/15 (After Race 5/Phoenix) 

Team GDP claims R Stenhouse Jr. for M McDowell (15 points). 


3/1 (After Race 3/Homestead-Miami) 

Team GDP claims M McDowellfor M DiBenedetto (5 points). 


Weekly Race Points Standings


Week 22 New Hampshire

1 Eric 185

2 CJ 130

3 Greg 125


Overall Driver Standings (Top 10)


K Larson… 1240 (CJ)

C Elliott… 880 (Eric)

3 Kyle B… 760 (Greg)

4 A Bowman… 680 (Greg)

D Hamlin… 645 (Eric)

J Logano… 640 (Eric)

7 W Byron… 630 (Eric)

7 M Truex Jr… 630 (CJ) 

K Harvick… 575 (CJ)

10 B Keselowski… 570 (Greg)

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