NASCAR secures Pitbull as a co-owner as they prove they weren’t blowing smoke with popular list of partners waiting to get involved

Mr. Worldwide. Mr. 305. Pitbull. Now, NASCAR team owner. Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull, has became a co-owner of one of NASCAR’s newest teams in the Cup Series – Trackhouse Racing. That’s a HUGE get for the sport.

Pitbull isn’t nicknamed “Mr. Worldwide” for no reason. He has a huge following and influence on the music world and now he can bring that with him to NASCAR.

So does another co-owner. Some may refer to him as G.O.A.T. You may know him as Michael Jordan. Yes, that Michael Jordan. The six time NBA World Champion and mega superstar on and off the basketball court is involved in NASCAR now too. He too could be “Mr. Worldwide.”

Jordan, is teaming with Denny Hamlin on a new team dubbed 23XI Racing.

That’s some star power joining the major racing series for 2021 and hopefully well beyond. It’s a shift in the sense that NASCAR is becoming one of the more popular mainstream sports again. It also proves NASCAR won a potential war with past teams that faulted them for not making this a profitable business for most and that they’re failing in keeping teams in the black.

Leavine Family Racing, Germain Racing and Furniture Row Racing have each left the sport in the last few seasons. LFR and Germain just this past offseason at that. Bob Leavine, owner of LFR, was very vocal that the NASCAR business model wasn’t working for smaller team and that the sport turns a deaf ear in listening on how to help.

NASCAR has maintained though that their model is working just fine and that they have a nice list of investors trying to get involved actually.

Well, this past offseason shows that NASCAR wasn’t blowing smoke. They’ve secured three new teams for the Cup Series alone with names like Pitbull and Jordan among them.

They’ve also done so in a year that’s been like none other. We are in a pandemic. Money is tightening up all around the world. The final 32 Cup races last year were run vastly different than any time that we’ve ever seen before. The new car was pushed back to 2022 in the process.

With this much talent and star power coming in now, just think to what the future could hold once the new car with lower costs finally does come out.

NASCAR has done almost everything right lately and it seems like all it unfortunately took was a pandemic to shine a light on it I guess. They were the leaders out of the dark clubhouse to get back to action last spring. It wasn’t any other major sport but NASCAR to get the ball rolling again.

Without a playbook on how to maneuver though a pandemic, NASCAR showed the world the way. They helped get us through this. In a time where live sports on TV was basically non existent, NASCAR was there. They paved a path for other sports to return. Those sports world watched how NASCAR and only NASCAR did it. They followed their blueprint and made it work themselves.

Credit to NASCAR.

Now, others are wanting to get involved in seeing that NASCAR is a pioneer again. They can make money in this sport if done right and this sport went out of their way during the pandemic to be sure the world knows that all are welcomed here.

They also shed the racism stereotype swiftly in banning the Confederate Flag and turned into a new era of the sport by virtue of that. They appeared from the outside that they had a plan for everything. That’s great leadership. We all know just how hard behind the scenes that they must have worked to accomplish so much in 2020 and helping this sport further grow instead of taking steps back in this unlikely time. A feat like that is never easy. But, they also appeared pandemic proof with a smart and well calculated plan. They showed that they really do have a list of partners wanting to get involved and here they are coming in and the ones joining are world wide icons.

NASCAR is back. Pitbull and Michael Jordan further prove this point.

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