Rossi looking to end 2020 with 5 straight podium finishes

Alexander Rossi has to wonder what if. What if his power unit of his No. 27 Honda didn’t fail him right before the start of the season opener at the Texas Motor Speedway back on June 6? What if an electrical malfunction on this very Indianapolis Motor Speedway didn’t occur on July 4? What if luck was better following that? What if he wasn’t penalized in the other two Indy races prior to Saturday?

Rossi, may have more of a say in this year’s championship than he does now. Rossi, went from 18th in the standings to ninth in just four races. He’s now scored four straight podiums in his No. 27 Honda on the year with being third and second respectively in Mid-Ohio to flipping that to second and third respectively a few weekends ago on the IMS road course.

By comparison, Rossi only had one top five in his previous nine starts of the season, so it’s safe to say he’s ending the year to where he can start 2021 and be a championship threat.

Now, it to St. Pete to where Rossi has been fast at in the past. Also, he notes that Andretti has been strong in street courses as of late and that the loss of the other four street course races during the season hurt too.

“What an accomplishment by the series, promoter, and city to be able to get back to where the 2020 season almost began in St. Pete,” Rossi said. “I am so thankful that we get to have this event as our season finale, and hopefully we can continue our run of podiums to finish out the year. If all the stars align, I know we can get a win before it’s all said and done.”

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