“I just feel like we haven’t been able to deliver where we should deliver,” says Rosenqvist of 2020 season

INDIANAPOLIS — Felix Rosenqvist has had a solid sophomore season in the NTT IndyCar Series. The Chip Ganassi Racing driver earned his first career victory this summer in Road America. Despite that, he’s not exactly happy with how his year has gone though. 

See, last year’s Rookie of the Year in the series was expecting to be closer to his teammate Scott Dixon in the standings. He felt he had the capability of a top five finish in the standings and not 11th as to where he sits heading into this weekend’s Harvest Grand Prix. 

“I was sort of aiming for a top three of top four this year which I felt was realistic,” Rosenqvist said on Thurssday morning. “Finishing P6 last year. I think especially the road courses this year have bene unfortunate. All the races we’ve been super fast. We just haven’t been able to finish the race or have technical issues. It’s just been unfortunate.”

The thing that he has been happy about is his improvement on ovals. That was the big area of emphasis he wanted to improve upon to make his 2020 season better than 2019. He felt the rest would take care of itself. Unfortunately, ovals were strong but bad luck took him out of contention for better results on the road courses. 

“The ovals have been an improvement still,” Rosenqvist continued. “Not my strongest point. I really got a test of it in St. Louis with 2 top 10 finishes. I thought it was a really good run. I just feel like we haven’t been able to deliver where we should deliver.

“In Road America race 1, a technical issues, Mid-Ohio race 2 we got taken out, here we stalled in pit lane. Definitely not happy with where I am right now, especially after Mid-Ohio where we got taken out and down from P9 to P11 in the championship. We have three more chances to finish up there.”

Rosenqvist also notes that the condensed schedule has hurt in that in normal years, you have a few more race to make up some ground too.

“With 16 or 17 races in a year, you’ve at least have the chance to come back. I feel happy with everything. It hasn’t really gotten in my head. I feel like we’ve done what we do.”

He is where he is now but has three races to get back into the top 10. But, how do you manage a top 10 finish but not going for broke for a victory too?

“I think it’s easy to say this and that to get a win, but when you’re in the car, you’re going to go for it. If it happens it happens. If it’s not going to happen, you kind of take the most points and go along to the next race.”

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