Midwest taking brunt of NASCAR’s schedule changes, could lead to INDYCARs gain

NASCAR moved too far away from their roots over the years. Gone went North Willesboro, Rockingham, second dates at Atlanta and Darlington, etc. Now, they’re moving back south for some races but leaving one area behind they shouldn’t – the Midwest.

Atlanta is getting a second date again. So is Darlington. COTA gets a date on the schedule. In turn, Chicagoland and Kentucky are losing their seats at the table. Michigan also loses a date too.

Indy is moving from the traditional oval to a less traditional road course. Road America is an addition but also a road course.

The only time NASCAR will invade up north in the Midwest is on four separate occasions – half of them are road courses.

This could in turn be INDYCARs gain. This is their fan base. This gives them a chance to gain more fans that left for the NASCAR boon back.

Kentucky and Chicago used to host INDYCAR races and there’s been some loose talks in the past years of a return. Now is better than ever. It’s an untapped market.

12 of the 14 INDYCAR races in 2020 were right here in the Midwest. This is their market. Now, the competition moves out and the stakes are there’s.

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