Chicago and Kentucky will be left off NASCAR schedule for 2021

NASCAR will announce the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series schedule on Wednesday. There’s some major changes to it with one change being no races at either the Chicagoland Speedway or Kentucky Speedways next season.

The formal moves and what will be replacing these tracks will be known Wednesday as they are wild. But, Chicago confirmed their move on Tuesday.

“The move away from NASCAR racing at Chicagoland Speedway is one of many changes reflected in the 2021 schedule, and by no means a reflection of the support our fans have demonstrated,” stated a note from Scott Paddock, track president, on the speedway’s website. “Rather, it is a desire and an important step for the industry to incorporate new markets and new courses into the schedule, and expand the variety of competition.  … As far as NASCAR racing at the Chicagoland Speedway, it’s difficult at this time to speculate on what 2022 might bring. We will continue to work with NASCAR on potential future opportunities beyond 2021 and will keep you updated. “

Chicagoland Speedway hosted Cup races from 2001 until June 30, 2019. The 19 year reign comes to an end after not hosting a race this season.

For Kentucky, they’ve hosted a race every year since 2011.

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