Can Chevy top Ford Sunday in Talladega?

Prior to the tapered spacers being used on the Cup cars, the Ford’s had the most power on restrictor plate tracks. Ford drivers had won three straight spring races at Talladega and has also won five consecutive years in the Fall race too.

They did win the playoff race last Fall for their sixth straight year of doing so, but the Chevrolet’s have been vastly improved too.

It already came to an end back in April 2019 when Chase Elliott won the GEICO 500 on the 2.66-mile Alabama oval. Chevy drivers took five of the top six finishing spots that day. That was the first race with the tapered spacer on a superspeedway.

The return trip to Daytona in July was with the tapered spacer too as the Daytona 500 run back in February was with the old package. Chevy took spots 1-2-3-4 in the rain shortened event. They went 1-2 and 1-2-5 in that same race this past August.

For the Daytona 500, Ford’s did take five of the top six finishing spots, but a Toyota won. For the Spring Talladega race, Ford’s took two of the top three. Chevy had eight of the top 15.

Chevy has won three of the six tapered spacer races on superspeedway’s. Ford has won two with Toyota the other one.

Now, who they dominate again on Sunday in the fourth and final superspeedway race of the season?

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