Why qualifying is so key now to INDYCAR success

INDIANAPOLIS – The NTT INDYCAR Series is bar none the most competitive in the world. The difference in the top of the field to the bottom is so minuscule. A tenth of a second here or a tenth of a second there could be the difference in first or 15th during any given session.

That’s why Qualifying is so key these days. The drivers are just all so good. That’s just making it tougher and tougher to pass. With on track competitiveness coming down to tenths and thousandths of a second and points battles to the extreme smallest of margins, qualifying now a days can make it break careers.

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

31 of the last 34 Indy Car races have been won from a driver starting in the top 4 Rows. Furthermore, 26 of the last 28 have been won from a top eight starting spot. Nine of the last 13 have been won from a top three starting spot including the last six.

For this doubleheader weekend, all seven road course races on the 2.439 mile Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course have been won from a top 4 Rows starting spot including four of the last six being from the pole.

Both races last time out at Mid-Ohio were won from the pole too.

So, as the competition level keeps rising, qualifying has become as important as race day for these teams because it can make or break your race winning chances.

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