Busch unhappy with lapped cars, still says he will be eliminated from 2nd Round now

Kyle Busch had himself a quietly good first round of the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs. He was seventh at Darlingtonsixth at Richmond and second at Bristol. Stillhes not confident in his teams’ ability to make it to the Championship 4 for the sixth time in seven years.

“We’ll be eliminated next round,” Busch said after his runner up in the Bristol night race.

The next round isn’t good for him anyways. He has four playoff points to carry with him after his stage win on Saturday night. Half of his last six Vegas finishes he came home 15th or worse. He was 19th last year and 12th this past spring there.

Then it’s to Talladega to where he has two top fives since 2014 there. After that it’s to the ROVAL to where his two starts on that track, he’s finished 32nd and 37th respectively. He was 37th on the Daytona road course last month too.

Add that up and he’s right about seeing his playoff hopes dashed next round.

That’s why he wanted a win so badly on SaturdayIt would have given him five more playoff points.

“Frustrated over finishing second,” Buschsaid. “You know, just felt like this was one of our greater shots to win, and I don’t know.  You know, just come up short. 

“You know, Skittles Camry was fast and we had a good car, one that was in contention all night long. Fired off the start of the race, I was like, oh, wow, this is a pretty good car and then got beat by another really good car, I guess. Yeah, that’s all there is to it.”

Instead lapped cars most notable Joey Logano got in his way of making that happen. He wasn’t happy about that either.

“He’s nobody’s friend for a reason, so there you have it,” Busch said of Logano.

Busch, who’s car failed inspection twice before the race, came up to finish second in Stage 1, said he never felt like he needed to dump Harvick to win.

“It actually never crossed my mind,” he said.  “You always try to win races clean. You always try to race hard and race clean and get the job done right.  

“Yeah, I mean, if that lap car wasn’t there, I would have blown it in on the outside or the inside and maybe we would have banged each other’s doors or whatever and had a greater finish to the checkered, but some of them dips— kids don’t know what the hell they’re doing or where they’re at and can’t stay out of the way. Nothing like a Gase and a Smithley.”

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