Harvey feels this is his best shot at Indy, what he said

INDIANAPOLIS — Jack Harvey is off to a great start to the 2020 NTT IndyCar Series season. The England native has qualified on the front row twice and enters this year’s 104th Running of the Indianapolis 500 (1 p.m. ET, NBC, INDYCAR Radio Network) with a top 10 starting spot in all but two races now this year. Both were on superspeedways as he will start in the Middle of Row 7 next Sunday. He also finished seventh in each of the last two races of the season last month at the Iowa Speedway.

Factoring in being seventh fastest overall on opening day but fifth and first respectively the last couple of days on the no tow chart, Harvey is happy with his No. 60 Honda right now by himself but thinks some work needs done on race trim.

“Going into qualifying I think it is,” Harvey said on if this is the most confident he’s ever been here heading into a qualifying weekend. “I think our race car has some work to do honestly. Our single car runs are okay. It’s kind of hard to say. I’m actually hopeful because we’ve shown more speed than we’ve ever shown before. I’m optimistic that it can translate well into something for Saturday and Sunday.”

Another reason to feel confident is because while he’s back with Meyer Shank Racing, they’re teamed with Andretti Autosport this year. Andretti has won three of the last six Indy 500’s, so teaming with them is big.

“Everything is being shared,” Harvey said of the alliance. “Every debrief. Every bit of info is available for us to get and the briefings are always a part of them. I don’t feel like anything is held back.”

The problem is, Andretti has six cars here this year, add to the fact the alliance with Harvey, you get seven teams. That’s a lot of information to sort through.

“The debriefs are long,” Harvey said of having so much information. “I would say a bit, maybe not overload exactly but there’s just so much info to try and get through and look, digest and analyze.

“Then, some cars are on a slightly different setups than others. Some of what they do, you have to think well that’s great for them but does that really work for us? Just trying to make sure we make the right changes. So far, everything has been working well. It has all year. You know seven cars is a lot, but the converse of that is a lot of testing gets done and hopefully we can use it productively.”

Harvey notes that he and his engineer have to be careful not to go down the wrong path with all of this info and stick to what they know will work for them, especially with less practice time this month being available.

“It can be for sure especially when you see someone else doing something that’s very good,” Harvey continued. “It’s kind of tough then because you’re like oh okay, they did that should we try it. Then, you try it and you put it on but not always take it straight off. You try and work with it. It’s pretty easy to get down a rabbit hole and just circulate.”

Harvey, has a great chance next weekend in an Andretti aligned car to earn his best career Indy 500 finish.

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