Keselowski earns 3rd straight top 2 finish Saturday in Michigan

Brad Keselowski won last Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race in Loudon. That was his third of the season which earned him a shiny new contract extension. While driving the first 20 races under the extreme pressure on not knowing what his future would be with Team Penske, he was cool under pressure.

That’s why Penske reupped him.

Now that a contract extension was made, it could be seen as a moment where Keselowski would sit back, take a deep breath and relax. You wouldn’t blame him in doing so either. But, that’s not how Keselowski is wired. He wants a championship as bad now as ever. He knows that this may be his best shot at a second Cup title as he said earlier this week that this is easily the best season of his career.

Why relax and risk ruining this momentum? Plus, the doubleheader weekend in Michigan is his home track. He so badly wants a win there too.

In Saturday’s FireKeepers Casino 400 in the Irish Hills race track, the Farmington Hills native brought his No. 2 Ford home runner-up. It was his third straight top two finish on the season and fifth straight top 10 overall, four of those being in the top four.

“Yeah, we got a good launch and just not quite strong enough to keep up with Kevin,” said Keselowski. “He was really fast, and I got a little tight.  Just couldn’t really do anything there.  But gave it my best and I’m proud of my team for the effort we put in today and this weekend, but just one spot short.

“I’m not going to sit here and complain about it.  I could be sitting 35th right now with a wadded up race car.  It certainly beats that. 

“But you know, I’ve heard this analogy over and over again that when you go to the Olympics, the best thing that can happen to you is you win the gold and the worst thing that can happen to you is not that you don’t place or not that you place with a bronze, it’s when you get silver because silver is when you knew you were so close. 

“The guy who gets bronze or the woman who gets bronze, they’re just happy because they got a medal, and of course the person that gets gold, they’re happy because they got gold, but it’s the person with the silver medal who wonders because they were so close to their goal and their dream.  In some ways there’s some pain in that because you can see it, you can taste it, you can feel it, you know you’re right there.  In other ways I try to remain reflective and positive about the overall positive day that we had.

Keselowski, has 15 top 11 finishes in his last 16 starts on the year and 16 top 10 finishes overall in 2020.

On Sunday, he will now roll off second, but we saw in Pocono that the top two finishers that race weekend came back to finish 1-2 a day later.

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