Xfinity Series team docked 75 points and fined $50k

Mario Gosselin isn’t a big NASCAR team owner. It’s not like his pockets are deep. That’s why the penalty leveled down on his team on Tuesday is glaring.

They were fined $50k and docked 75 points for violating a testing rule last weekend in Daytona with Alex Labbe.

See, NASCAR will race on the Daytona International Speedway road course next weekend. No one has any experience on it. Without any practice being provided, the team and Labbe felt they could get a loophole by testing a car at the SCCA event there.

That’s a big no-no.

He tested a 2019 Chevrolet Camaro. That is the approved model for Chevy teams in the Xfinity Series.

That’s illegal to test in that event. Here’s why.

Section 5.1.a of the Xfinity rule book states: “Private vehicle testing by any race team, employee, contractor, affiliate, associate, subsidiary, or surrogate is strictly prohibited.”

Section 5.1.d of the Xfinity rule book states: NASCAR, in its sole discretion, will determine in advance what constitutes an authorized test. In general, only tests conducted under the NASCAR National Series Unified Testing policy are considered to be authorized tests.”

That test could have given them a large advantage to win next weekends race. If he won, he’d be playoff eligible which is a huge financial gain for them.

So, NASCAR made sure to even that out with a severe punishment.

He as 73 points out of 12th place in the standings, the final playoff spot. Now, he’s outside the top 20. So, even if he won in Daytona still, he has to get back into the top 20 of the standings to be playoff eligible.

See the angle? He’s now over 30 points out.

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