Wallace has plenty of options now for 2021, which includes RPM ownership

Towards the end of this past week, multiple reports were starting to surround where Bubba Wallace will land for the 2021 NASCAR season. The first report was what I long speculated that he would get a look at Chip Ganassi Racing. Wallace, shares a sponsor with the organization at McDonald’s and what better PR spin would it be to replace Kyle Larson, the driver who used a racial slur on Easter night, with an African-American driver in Wallace.

There seems to be some talks there. But, if Wallace doesn’t land with CGR in the No. 42 Chevrolet, look for either Ross Chastain or Matt Kenseth to.

Another big option for Wallace is to stay put at Richard Petty Motorsports in the famed No. 43 Chevrolet and do so with a part ownership role too. Wallace, would not only be their driver, he’d have an ownership stake in the team as well.

That is a pretty strong deal there. That gives him the future that he’s been searching for as once you have ownership stake, it’s going to be hard to fire yourself from the car. It gives RPM a future as well with a driver to build around for years to come.

The only thing is, Wallace doesn’t know yet if that’s the direction he wants to go. He wants to win races. He wants to be competitive. He wants to fight for championships. Let’s be honest right now, RPM isn’t there yet and who knows if they ever will be again.

The Statesville, North Carolina team has only won five times since 2009, four of which coming with their partnership with Gillette Evernham Motorsports. Their last win came by Aric Almirola in 2014.

Prior to that, their last win on their own was with John Andretti in 1999. Bobby Hamilton won in 1996 and again in 1997. Then, from 1985 through 1995, they had no wins.

That’s right, over the last 35 seasons, RPM on their own has won four times. Yes, it takes money, a lot of it, to win right now. Wallace can certainly bring that to the team now with new sponsors coming in, but can they realistically jump to a contender soon?

Wallace, is in the prime of his career at his age and doesn’t have a lot of years to waste.

That’s why his mind is full of what to do. He wants to make his mind up at some point this month as he has he has several offers right now for 2021. He notes that this is the earliest he’s ever going to know what his future plans are going to be for the next season, but it’s a tough choice on what to do.

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