With F1s decision, it shows that racing is becoming more regionalized now

The Americas hosts some of the most vibrant and popular races on the F1 calendar, but on Friday Formula 1 confirmed that it would not be possible to race in Brazil, USA, Mexico and Canada in 2020.

Formula 1 said the decision was “due to the fluid nature of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, local restrictions and the importance of keeping communities and our colleagues safe”, and had been made after ongoing discussions and close collaboration with the respective partners in the affected countries.

Chase Carey, Chairman and CEO of Formula 1, said that he looked forward to welcoming the races back to the schedule in 2021:

“We want to pay tribute to our incredible partners in the Americas and look forward to being back with them next season when they will once again be able to thrill millions of fans around the world,” he said.

The 2020 F1 calendar currently comprises of 13 races, with new events in Portimao, Imola and Nurburgring announced on Friday.

If you’re paying attention, that’s not the only changes coming. INDYCAR will likely scrap the west coast swing in September due to local guidelines in Oregon and California. Those races, if made up, will be for Midwest tracks.

It’s starting to look like March again with these changes, but instead of closing up shop and canceling things, Racing is adapting and becoming more regionalized.

F1 is trying to stay closer to base in Europe. INDYCAR is staying close to home in the Midwest. NASCAR has been doing one day shows and trying to stay in the eastern and central time zones.

I mean, colleges are doing the same. Most are doing conference only slates for 2020. MLB is playing within divisions no matter the league that you’re in.

While it sucks to lose races but if we want racing in general, this is just how it’s going to happen in 2020.

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