NASCAR To Talk To Houff This Week

Austin Dillon earned a surprise win on Sunday afternoon at the Texas Motor Speedway. But, if Quin Houff doesn’t make the egregious decision that he made on Lap 306, Dillon doesn’t likely win.

See. Houff for whatever reason decided to pit last minute. He did so from the middle of Turn 4. Normally, you get on the apron to pit road there.

Houff, nine laps down at the time, ruined the days of several drivers. He crashed into Christopher Bell and Matt DiBenedetto due to that bad decision and ruined a pit sequence for others.

NASCAR admitted on Monday that they will take to Houff about his move.

“I think nobody could argue that it was a very poor decision,” said Scott Miller, NASCAR senior vice president of competition, on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. “Yes, we do review every incident of every race. We didn’t speak to the driver (Sunday) night, but we will before we get going again at Kansas. Got to do better than that.

“Racing incident, things are going to happen. Every decision that is made out on the racetrack is an instantaneous, spur-of-the-moment decision, but I think that nobody could argue that it wasn’t a poor one.”

Brad Keselowski would like to see drivers that makes moves like this demoted.

“I think there are two ways to look at it. There’s the entertainment way to look at it and say that probably created a more entertaining finish, so if you like chaos, then that was good,” said Keselowski. “I think on the other side of that there’s the, ‘Hey, I’m a professional race car driver that’s worked my entire career to get here. 

“Had to jump through a lot of hoops to make it and would like to think that those efforts have created a spot for me in this series to be joined with peers of similar talent levels.’ I have nothing personal against anyone that has an issue like that because they do happen from time to time, but there are certainly a handful of drivers that kindly I wonder exactly how they got to this level. 

“Part of it plays into all the rules. When you’ve got this rules package with cars that are super-easy to drive by themselves, it’s very hard for NASCAR, I think, to be able to tell who’s got it and who doesn’t. 

“So it kind of puts them in a box until you actually get in a race, but one thing I would like to see, and I think I’ve been pretty consistent with this, is I would like to see drivers be able to graduate into this level and equally I’d like to see them be able to be removed from this level when they have repeated issues. 

“I can’t speak enough to the gentleman that had that issue today, but I have seen in the past where drivers that have had this issue multiple times somehow are still here, where I think they should effectively be placed in a lower series or asked to go back to a more minor league level to prove their salt. 

“But that’s ultimately not my decision to make. It’s what I would like to see, but it’s not my decision to make and until it is, I guess I should probably just shut up, but I certainly think there’s some merit to it.”

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