Aeroscreen Does It’s Job Friday Night In Iowa

A lot has been said of the Aeroscreen lately. From the looks to the cooling issues, it’s been widely discussed. But, the 46 pound Aeroscreen device saved some lives on Friday night. First off, Will Power’s left front tire wasn’t tightened up on his pit stop and literally fell off following a crash in Turn 4. While sliding down the track after contact with the wall, the tire nearly hit Power’s cockpit.

Then, on the ensuing restart, Colton Herta didn’t know that it was actually waved off. He ran over the back of rookie Rinus Veekay’s car coming to the start/finish line and got airborne. 

While the climb happened, he ran over VeeKay’s Aeroscreen and made some major air over the SAFER barrier. 

“I’m very happy with the safety,” VeeKay would later say after being uninjured. “The Aeroscreen was destroyed. Very thankful for INDYCAR and their safety.”

Herta, says he never was told the restart was waved off. 

“It happened so fast I didn’t really know what was going on,” Herta said. “I wasn’t told the restart was waved off. I was told green. I guess everyone else got the message.”

With debris flying everywhere, a piece hit Marcus Ericsson’s Aeroscreen.

In a few laps, the new safety device showed why its there. It potentially saved four lives.

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