Will Traction Compound Create Havoc Again In Texas

We saw it last month in the NTT INDYCAR Series Race at the Texas Motor Speedway. The traction compound applied to the 1.5 mile racing surface last Fall created havoc. No one could run outside the lower groove. It was just too slick for them to do otherwise.

The compound created a stain basically and caused a mess. How will it react for NASCAR this weekend?

If you remember right, it caused carnage last Fall for them too.

We saw a Cup Series record six cautions in the first stage alone. It was slippery for them. It took a while for it to come in. How will these cars react to it on Sunday?

There’s no practice to get everything right either, so this could be a treacherous start.

Then, the last two races have seen some badly prepared tracks. Drivers weren’t happy with how both Kentucky and Bristol were prepared.

Both, being SMI tracks, drew the ire of Denny Hamlin.

“I love the Smith family, but they go rogue sometimes when it comes to thinking that they’re in the competition business,” Hamlin said Friday. “It’s disappointing because the information that NASCAR gets from us on track prep and how to prepare the racetrack to put on the best possible racing comes from the drivers who do it themselves, and they know better than anyone. Better than anyone.”

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