Hendrick Revival Sunday In Indy?

Chevrolet has had a resurgence of speed in 2020. Now, will that give them a resurgence at Indy? No one has won as many Brickyard 400 as Chevy drivers. They’ve won 17 of the 26 Brickyard’s run. In fact, from 2001 through 2014, Chevy won every year.

They’re 1-for-5 since.

Part of that is Chevy’s struggling in the speed/handling department and the other with Hendrick Motorsports not being as strong at Indy as they once were.

HMS has won 10 times at Indy. Can they get to an 11th?

Jimmie Johnson has four Indy triumphs but he hasn’t won in his last 110 starts on the season. Four of his last five Indy finishes have been 14th or worse.

Chsae Elliott has made five Brickyard starts but none of them were in the top five. Four of which have seen him finish 15th or worse.

Alex Bowman’s two Brickyard starts with good equipment saw him finish 33rd and 21st. William Byron did finish fourth last year but was 19th in his only other start in 2018.

Can they pick up the pace?

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