NASCAR Says Richard Petty Motorsports Did Nothing Wrong, I Agree, Here’s Why

NASCAR got some great news on Tuesday in that the FBI determined there was no hate crime that took place this past weekend at the Talladega Superspeedway.

On Sunday, NASCAR announced that a noose was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage at the race track. A thorough investigation would take place to find out how it got there.

On Monday, NASCAR President Steve Phelps held a quick press conference to tell us that he as offended and outlined the steps taken.

A Richard Petty Motorsports team member found the object and at the time thought it was a noose. He notified his crew chief of the 43 car. The bosses notified NASCAR. In turn, NASCAR alerted them FBI and a federal investigation took place.

Now, the FBI says this was basically a big misunderstanding. I get why some are questioning this now, but let’s try to clear some of this up as many more questions have come forward.

First off, Bubba Wallace didn’t plant this story. He’s not allowed in the garage area still as technically no driver still is.

Secondly, the FBI found that this object was there last October and maybe even prior to that in face.

“The FBI learned that garage number 4, where the noose was found, was assigned to Bubba Wallace last week,” the FBI said. “The investigation also revealed evidence, including authentic video confirmed by NASCAR, that the noose found in garage number 4 was in that garage as early as October 2019.”

So, how can Wallace go back in time and put something there last year? How could his team put it there? No one knew last year that RPM would be assigned to garage stall 4 eight months later. For those that aren’t aware, garage stalls are assigned each race weekend based off owners points.

The FBI and NASCAR agreed.

“Although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week,” the FBI report continued.”

Phelps, said on Tuesday evening that they don’t place any blame in RPM’s direction in wake of this.

“I want to be clear about the 43 team – the 43 team had nothing to do with this,” said Phelps. “The evidence is very clear that the noose that was in that garage had been in the garage previously. The last race we’d had there in October, that noose was present; and the fact that it was not found until a member of the 43 team came there is something that is a fact.”

So, some may say, how was this not noticed before?

Well, how we operate now is vastly different than any time before. We’re still in a pandemic and changes have been made to be able to resume to racing. These races now are one-day shows. No one was in that garage prior to Sunday morning. The Cup Series uses a different garage than the Xfinity and ARCA Series. So, no one was in the garage prior to Sunday. Period.

Then, the amount of people even allowed in the garage area is limited. So, it’s easy to see how this thing stayed there from October through now.

“We had not been back to the garage,” Phelps continued. “It was a quick one-day show. The crew member went back in there, he saw the noose, brought it to the attention of his crew chief, who then went to the NASCAR series director Jay Fabian and we launched this investigation.”

You also have to take the temperature in the room too. There’s a lot of racial injustice going on right now and there was a Confederate Flag rally outside the track on both days as well as someone paying to fly a Confederate Flag over the track behind a plane on Sunday too.

So, for RPM to have a black driver and to see a noose, which they say was definitely a noose, not just a pull cord for a garage, but something manipulated into a noose, what else were they supposed to do?

Plus, what else was NASCAR to do? They weren’t aware of this last Fall and this was their first time seeing it.

Now, with that news coming to light, they are getting grilled. Many think this was a publicity stunt. I question with these facts, how? How with proof that this was there from last Fall, would they know then that the world would be in shambles months later?

Does the state of Alabama need an apology? Yes. Do we need to blame NASCAR or RPM? No.

They’d do it again if needed.

“To be clear, we would do this again,” said Phelps. “The evidence we had — it was clear we needed to look into this.”

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