Phelps “This is a difficult time for our sport”

NASCAR President Steve Phelps isn’t handling this situation lightly. He says the sport won’t stand for what happened on Sunday at the Talladega Superspeedway.

Phelps, says the individual or even individuals will be brought to justice and banned for life from the sport. “They will be caught and dealt with swiftly and severely.”

Phelps, gave a timeline to the events on what happened. A Richard Petty Motorsports team member noticed the noose yesterday afternoon. RPM notified NASCAR and NASCAR went to the FBI. The Birmingham office was investigating and on hand on Monday to figure out who did this.

As to whom it was, the list is small.

“We have a very small number of people that are in the footprint (of the garage area), only essential personnel there,” Phelps said. “Obviously we’ll review the entire list with the FBI about who had access at that particular time.”

Due to this being an ongoing investigation, Phelps couldn’t comment much further on cameras or what they know.

“I would say that is something that personally offends me,” Phelps said. “This is a terrible, terrible act that has happened. For those who would think that this is staged, I wouldn’t know where to go with that.

“This is a difficult time for our sport but we are going to react swiftly and again we’re going to use all the means, resources at our disposal and of those of the FBI to make sure this person or persons are caught and dealt with swiftly and severely.

“There’s no room for this at all and we won’t tolerate it.”

Phelps said Wallace didn’t see the noose but he personally notified him about it.

In the meantime, additional security will be given to Wallace.

“We want to make sure that Bubba is safe, and we have stepped up security,” Phelps said. “This is a family that needs to take care one of its family members who has been attacked. We will firmly support as an industry, as a family and a community, to make sure Bubba and everyone else in this sport is safe.”

The drivers are expected to stand with Wallace during the national anthem, showing unity with him.

“The drivers feel very strongly that they want to show their support of Bubba,” Phelps said. “He’s a member of the NASCAR community. He’s a member of the NASCAR family. The outpouring of support over the last couple weeks from our drivers, from the industry as a whole, from the fans, has been phenomenal. Whatever happens, it’s going to happen organically. It will be heartfelt. I’m looking forward to whatever they come up with.”

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