Alabama Governor “Appalled” At Actions Against Wallace at Talladega, Why It May Be Time To Stop Going To The Track For A While

NASCAR has done a good job of being at the forefront against racial injustice. They’ve done everything that they can to shed any sort of racism within the sport.

The long debated issue of the Confederate Flag was eliminated in the sense that NASCAR has banned the presence of it in any way inside of their gates.

But, with what has transpired this weekend at the Talladega Superspeedway, it shows that we still have a fight on our hands against the wrong side of history. NASCAR has done everything that they can and have said all the right things too, but it’s embarrassing to what’s still going on at the moment. All those efforts have still fallen short. It’s unfortunate. A few bad eggs have spoiled the fun.

In fact, I think it may be time NASCAR stops visiting the Alabama race track until more security measures are taken.

Yes, I get this is extreme and will be controversial to some, but something drastic has to happen.

A Confederate Flag rally outside of the track? Some jerk paying money for a small plane to fly a Confederate Flag out the back of it before the race on Sunday? Then, a noose found in Bubba Wallace, the lone black driver in the sport, in his garage before yesterday’s race?

This is appalling. It’s sickening. The fact that it’s still happening in all facets of the weekend despite calls for change, well it’s also concerning too. For a sport that is priding themselves in making sure that all are welcome and all shouldn’t live in fear at their venues, what about what transpired over the last couple of days would make a person of color feel welcomed?

The lone driver of color was threatened by someone within the industry. I’ve never seen a “rally” of racism outside of a race track before and now there’s been one each of the last two days.

Hell, if you’ve braved the rednecks with their racist flag parade outside the track, you can’t ignore a racist flying, literally, a racist flag overhead while inside the facility.

They’re not going away, they’re getting louder and worse. Until Alabama can get a hold of the select few racists, why should NASCAR bother bringing their circus to the state?

After all, the governor of the state is even appalled with what happened.

“I am shocked and appalled to hear of yesterday’s vile act against Bubba Wallace in Talladega – there is no place for this disgusting display of hatred in our state,” said governor Kay Ivey. “Racism and threats of this nature will not be condoned nor tolerated, and I commit to assisting in any way possible to ensure that the person responsible for this is caught and punished. While the important conversation of racial reconciliation is ongoing all over our country, it is clear there is much work to do. Bubba Wallace is one of us; he is a native of Mobile and on behalf of all Alabamians, I apologize to Bubba Wallace as well as to his family and friends for the hurt this has caused and regret the mark this leaves on our state. I ask the NASCAR family to rally around Bubba and his team as they compete today and I know that there are more people who are wishing him well today than ever before.”

I’m not all for all this cancel culture right now and there’s some things being banished that’s laughable. But, this is serious. This isn’t cancel culture at Talladega, this is about what is right and wrong.

There’s a security issue there and one that would be like holding a race in the Middle East with ISIS outside the gates pushing an agenda we don’t agree with. The folks lining the streets and polluting the skies above pushing their racist agenda, well they don’t see the right way like we do. They don’t believe in what you or I or a majority of this country believes in. They’ve been told to stay away and they come back louder.

When does this turn violent?

Until NASCAR, Talladaga and local authorities can guarantee that no racism will occur in the gates, outside the gates and over head, NASCAR needs to send a message and stay away.

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