Ford’s Built For Low Downforce, Why Them Adapting Is Eye Opening

NASCAR brought forth a change in the way that they hold races last year. See, a historic development was made for last season in their premiere series, with a high downforce, low horsepower racing package. They were hoping to create closer races.

On Thursday night, Denny Hamlin opened our eyes up on just how much work that the Ford camp had for them. Yes, a Toyota driver, was giving them praise.

Last year, the Chevrolet camp came out with the new Camaro which was supposed to get them back to relevant again. In 2018, the bowties won just four times in 36 races. That was the lowest for a single season out of them since they won three times in 1982. From 1994 through 2017, Chevy driver won at least 10 races in 23 of a 24 year span. The least amount that they won though was nine times as you’d have to go back to 1982 to find them winning less than eight races in a given season. Heck, from 2004 through 2015, they won at least 15 times 11 times.

Then, they win just 10 times in 2017 and four in 2018. So, in came a Camaro built for this new package. The other two manufacturers had cars built for the old package.

Well, it’s just Chevys in general,” Hamlin said on why Chase Elliott has been so fast this season. “They’re fast, and they’re really the only manufacturer that got to build a car directly for the package that we run.  These other cars, the Toyotas and Fords, were built on the low downforce package and then we added a bunch of spoiler and splitter to them.  Certainly there was an advantage knowing that, okay, this is the real package, how can we optimize downforce and drag, and I think Chevys have done that.”

Ford and Toyota were a step behind out of the gates. Still, they won a combined 29 times a year ago. Through eight races run in 2020, Ford has won half of the races, including their first Coca-Cola 600 victory in 18 years.

Hamlin, noted that they’ve had to work harder to catch Toyota and Chevrolet and what they’re doing is impressive.

“They built the Mustang nose for the low downforce, third place finisher Ryan Blaney said too. “The low downforce is what it was meant for.”

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