Long Beach Confirms They Won’t Be On 2020 Schedule Now, Issues Refund Plan

INDIANAPOLIS — The NTT IndyCar Series hopes to return to action this May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Key word there is “hopes.” Right now, they’re just in a holding pattern in suspending the 2020 season through the end of April.

This past weekend, the CDC warned the general public against gatherings of more than 250 people, which has since went down to 10 folks, through the weekend of May 9-10. The GMR Grand Prix is slated to run May 9.

Between last Friday and that weekend, IndyCar won’t test, race, or do anything really. Despite that, whenever they do get a chance to get back racing, they’re hoping to put the closest thing to a full schedule as possible.

The first four races of the season initially were postponed but at least one of them now is canceled. The Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach was the first to postpone their race but knew then that it would be a stretch to get back going this year. Long Beach, is a street course and it’s difficult to set up and tear these tracks down. It’s a 4-6 week process in doing so. You can’t just pick a random weekend and run a race is basically what I’m getting at. While it could be very profitable, you have to have extensive planning.

Long Beach on Wednesday confirmed that there’s no way for the series to race there this year. This is the second longest running race on the schedule, first debuting in 1984.

The race will offer two refund options, one to redeem this year’s ticket for next year or the second for a full refund minus service fees. The second option needs done by April 30.

That’s one race down.

The season opener on St. Pete was in the same boat and basically said the same thing. That’s two races down.

Barber and COTA are permanent courses, but their status past May is too in doubt. Barber, is offering full refunds already.

So, when we do get back going, the 17 race schedule is already down to 15, which potential to lose more.

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