Why All The Hate For Spire Motosports All The Sudden?

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla – One of the biggest newsworthy topics this week in the NASCAR land has been all the hate spewed towards Justin Haley and his Spire Motorsports team. Even that, I can use loosely as Haley isn’t technically a part of that team.

See, Haley is a client of them, as Spire is the agency that represents Haley. That’s how he got that winning ride in last weekend’s Coke Zero Sugar 400 at the Daytona International Speedway.

That’s another problem fans have in itself too and one that sparks all of this. My question is, if Haley never won in Daytona, are we even talking about Spire right now? If the answer is no, my question then is, why?

Justin Haley poses with the race winning trophy from last Sunday’s Coke Zero Sugar 400 at the Daytona International Speedway

How can all this hate come up just because they won now? Where was it at on Saturday night? Where was it at Friday night? Where was it at Thursday? You see my point.

If you have a problem with Haley and Spire, it should have come up a long time ago, before their win last Sunday. I get it if you have a problem with how they operate. I really do. Fielding a car with no chance of honestly winning with no desire to at the moment is frustrating. Spire is proof on how this Charter system isn’t working.

They spent $6 million on a Charter. It’s theirs. They can run whom they want, when they want and how they want. Plus, with how they won on Sunday, mix that with their brief history in doing things and I get shy the fans having a problem with it.

But, why act now?

First off, it’s not Haley’s fault. Why would he not take a Cup opportunity from his agent, especially when his agent is the owner of a race team with a charter?

Plus, he raced the way he was supposed to. The didn’t want to tear up their equipment, so Haley rode in the back. He stayed out of trouble, so much so he fell a lap down early. He was never in the lead pack contending for the win. He was 27th on the lap heading to the Lap 118 “Big One.”

He can’t help it if he came out of the crash unscathed and in fifth place. He can’t help it three cars in front of him pit under that caution. He can’t help it the other two pit before they got the word we wouldn’t be going green, but rather red.

Haley, is a good superspeedway racer anyways, as he crossed the finish line first in last year’s XFINITY Series race in July at Daytona but was later ruled he went out of bounds in doing so. He backed that up with a runner-up finish in that return race on Friday night too. He’s not a fluke at Daytona, his team was. Don’t hate him for that.

Don’t hate the team either. Hate the way the racing is at Daytona for that. When a team can ride around for 99-percent of the race and let everyone else crash, why mix it up? Some of these teams can’t afford to get caught up in a crash – literally. They can’t help it others crash and we know there will be crash(s) as in plural and all of those will include multiple cars.

Hate the system, not the drivers or the team.

Then, what about that team? How can you hate on a team for doing what they’re allowed to? I get how the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, etc likely wouldn’t let an agent own a franchise. But, NASCAR clearly didn’t have a problem with it.

All charters have to go through NASCAR’s approval. At the end of the day, they approved the sale of Furniture Row’s charter to Spire.

Justin Haley is relieved to be winning in Daytona while the cars are stopped on pit road for lightning 

Plus, with the way the costs are in NASCAR right now, it’s not like Spire is purposely trying to lose. They have racers running the show. They want to win. They just don’t have the money or resources to.

Is it an unfair advantage and a conflict of interest for them to operate as an organization in NASCAR?

Absolutely it is.

But, NASCAR nor the teams have a problem with it. If no one else had a problem with it for the first 17 weeks of the season, why have one now?

Lets celebrate the upset instead. Celebrate a driver with one career lap led as of today in NASCAR’s premiere series is a race winner with a team that’s been in existence for all of 18 races. Lets celebrate that said driver was 27th on the essentially winning lap for him. This doesn’t happen very often.

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