Red Bull Air Race At IMS Officially Canceled

INDIANAPOLIS – Days after the completion of the 103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has learned their season will end one month earlier than expected.

The Red Bull Air Race organization made management staffs aware on Wednesday that the championship will be canceled after September this year. With the IMS event being in October, that means the race will no longer take place. “We were informed this morning by management of the Red Bull Air Race organization that the 2019 championship will be suspended after September and that this year’s round at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, scheduled for Oct. 19-20, is canceled.

“We are disappointed that we will not host another Red Bull Air Race event, and I know many of our fans will be disappointed, as well,” said IMS President Doug Boles. “We enjoyed watching the pilots navigate the unique course over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway grounds, and we were especially excited to see American pilot Michael Goulian celebrate a well-earned victory last year.

“Customers who already purchased tickets to this year’s event will receive refunds. They will receive an email later today with information on that process.”

The Air Race first came around in 2016 and had a deal in place for this season. Unfortunately, that no longer will happen.

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