Last 2 Years The Best Cup Driver Of Season Has Dominated Vegas, That Could Change This Weekend

Over the past two Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series seasons, the spring race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway has been a precursor to how the rest of the campaign will go. In 2017, Martin Truex Jr. led 150 of the 267 laps in the Cup race en route to a dominating victory. He’d go on to win seven more times that season including the championship as well.

Last year, Kevin Harvick won his first of eight trips to victory lane in the March race in Vegas as he led 214 laps that day. No one won as many races in 2018 as Harvick.

This race was usually a tall tale sign of what was yet to come.

Now though, all things may have changed. With this being the first race weekend with the full aero package in place, we have to expect the unexpected.

Last weekend in Atlanta was technically the first race of this new aero configuration, but due to the track being so abrasive on the tires and the series not having aero ducts on the front of the cars, it wasn’t the full extent of what we would see elsewhere. All the drivers hinted that Atlanta could be more of a one-off race in terms of the new racing package.

Vegas though, well this starts the new aero package with a bang. The horsepower is down from 750 to 550. The spoilers are larger. The aero ducts are in and the track has been repaved recently. We will see the full effect of the changes on Sunday.

In turn, does that change the dominance of this race?

Yes, Kyle Larson still led 142 of the 325 laps last Sunday in Atlanta. Yes, we didn’t really expect anyone to lead 100 or more laps in a race this season. But, Atlanta showed that the race wasn’t all that different than the ones in the years past. By all accounts, Vegas is supposed to be much different.

Does that hurt the drivers with the move overall speed?

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